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5 New Age Companies Bringing Technology to HR


With the dawn (thankfully) of the SaaS concept, HR companies have begun automating their modus operandi which usually requires no IT, hardware or software support so as to make the complete agenda affordable and efficient. Companies that are bringing technology to HR either cover all the primary functions or just particular ones. We have done our fair share of research; looking to aid the HR ecosystem we’re giving you a list of new age HR technology companies that focus on only a couple, if not just one human resource function:

Technical recruitment platform and code-challenge community

HackerRank (2012)

Key People – Harishankaran K. and Vivek Ravisankar (Co-Founders).
HackerRank is a website where programmers from all around the world come together to solve your programming problems in various CS domains like artificial intelligence and algorithms. This startup also helps your company hire great programmers using the help of CodePair and other testing platforms to make sure you’re bringing on the best of the best.

Online learning software platform (provides gamification products)

MindTickle (2011)

Key People – Mohit Garg, Krishna Gopal Depura, Deepak Diwakar and Nishant Mungali (Co-Founders).
MindTickle, founded by a team of alumni from IIT, ISB and Stanford, is a SaaS gamification platform that delivers online training and courses where you are allowed tools ranging from uploading content and gamified learning to social learning and in depth analytics. Their aim is to create “web products at the intersection of fun and learning”.

Video interview platform

Talview (2014)

Key People – Sanjoe Tom Jose (CEO), Tom Jose (CMO), Subramanian K (CTO) and Jobin Jose (COO).
Talview, previously known as Interview Master (2012), is a platform based on the concept of asynchronous video interviews where candidates can attend interviews via the web, from even the comfort of their home. It is only once the HR personnel or executive panel shortlist the candidate that they are invited to a final, face-to-face meeting (usually because they’re hired.). Talview cuts out travel cost and time for outstation candidates until a point where a face to face interview is necessary.

SaaS/Cloud based recruitment software

ValueHire (2011)

Key People – Dhruv Gupta (Founder & CEO) and Dougles Chan (Singapore Ops In-charge).
Valuehire is an end to end recruitment software that handles all features under CRM, jobs and sourcing, applicant tracking, reporting and general processes like administration, data management etc.

Online Talent Assessment Company

Wheebox (2011)

Key People – Nirmal Singh (Founder & CEO) and Pawan Kumar (CTO).
Wheebox is a web based and hybrid efficient examination box that helps enterprises, government and academic institutions internationally to measure and find talent. They offer something known as WEST (Wheebox Employability Skill Test) that covers life skills, cognitive abilities, english as second language and domain knowledge which aids employers to find the right candidates for their company.

Note: These HR technology companies have been arranged in alphabetical order. The list does not indicate any rank system or hierarchy for these HR startups.

Think we missed out on an HR technology company? Let us know in the comments section.

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