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13 HR Documents and Policies every HR Manager should have

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HR Documents and Policies every HR Manager should have

Human Resource Department is the strategic core of any organization around which all the various departments operate. The HR department is the crucial hub from where originates- procedures, processes, databases, implementations, human interactions, policies, and guidelines. A structured approach to running an organization is like a well-structured system in place. Well set HR documents & processes can play a significant role in strategically aligning further processes & departments. Start-ups and companies without the HR department struggle for want of a structure that defines the core functionalities of a company. In the absence of a proper system, records and processes are difficult to maintain and monitor and eventually it all snowballs to ambiguity.

New companies in the process of establishing their HR department can run a checklist of their existing HR policies and HR documents against the ones listed here.

We are ensuring to covered here every standard aspect of the HR department.

List of HR Documents & HR Policies:

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is not only about identifying the right fit for a job but at the same time having a staffing plan and budget in place. Create a recruitment roadmap in association with the different department heads envisioning the company’s expansion plans, estimated projects, and forthcoming ones. Irrespective of the company’s size, build a succession plan as imperative as a recruitment plan.Streamline the recruitment process through a set of HR Documents in place –

• Recruitment Approvals
• Job Descriptions
• Employee Application Form
• Employee Agreement
• Background Check Forms
• New Employee Joining Announcement Letter
• New Employee Joining Checklist
• On-boarding Formalities
• Offer Letters
• Termination Letters

All these documents should have supporting policies that explain the finer aspects in B & W. Recruitment policies are one of the most critical HR documents and should be well-structured and detailed, considering the implications.

Job Profile

Supporting document to the recruitment process is a well-laid organizational hierarchy. The hierarchy gives a fair idea of the reporting structure on a lateral and vertical basis.

Once the hierarchy is set, and different positions set, break it down further to the individual jobs and job profile. Various posts in a company come with their own set of job profiles- the do and don’ts of a job. Every job needs a specific set of skills, experience, and expertise. A detailed HR document that encompasses the requirement of every job post will be a reference guide to identifying people for a particular role.

The job profile is specific to an organization and a vital HR document that acts as a guideline for an individual job post. Draft the different job profiles with the line managers or reporting authorities; who can define the scope of work to the best of their knowledge and requirement.

Performance Appraisals

Appraisals are an integral part of a company’s system. It links to other processes within a company. Appraisals help determine training & development needs, promotions, salary hikes, and much more. Appraisals are carried out to estimate employee performance against specific benchmarks. Derive these benchmarks as per roles, company expectations, and industry standards.

Appraisals are conducted on an annual basis and require evaluation of a compilation of parameters. Performance Appraisal is an HR document that is prepared by the HR and has parameters checking internal and industry benchmarks for a particular job role. It is a culmination of both objective and subjective questions.

  • Employee objectives list
  • Employee performance guidance form
  • Employee evaluation form
  • Employee self-evaluation form
  • Peer assessment form
  • Employee satisfaction ratings
  • Upcoming performance appraisals notice
  • Post-Appraisal interview questions
  • Appraisal reports
  • Department objectives V/s results
  • Reviewer Guide – Do’s & Don’ts

Appraisal policies and guidelines – Should be ready with finite details and maintained in B & W. New employees and existing ones should be circulated the same before the process of appraisals, so both parties remain on the same page and affect clarity in the whole process.

Leave / Attendance

Leave Attendance is a part of the organization. Where employees are putting in a certain amount of working hours daily, a proper leave system should be worked on to consider the comfort of the employees. Certain leaves are paid and mandatory by the state and country norms. Having these leaves listed down with the necessary clauses is important. Even if the company is small, a well-structured leave system helps facilitate proper management. Policies around leaves with the clauses and sub-clauses are an important document of any HR department.

Leave Application Form

Attendance is a factor that influences salary management and appraisals and therefore is a vital HR document. Attendance as a system should be error-free and monitored closely.

Compensation & Benefits

Compensation & benefits mark the backbone of a company. People work for money, and if money matters and processes are not in place, it might drive employees to seek alternate employers.

Every company has their customized compensation & benefits structure. However, the forms that are part of the Compensation & Benefits process are –

• Salary & payroll calculation
• Overhead calculations
• Work travel reimbursements
• Other reimbursements
• Draw policies defining the benefits as a reference guide.

Performance Management

An accomplished company as well a growing one will understand the need for a sound Performance Management System. Having a performance management method is identifying employees for evaluation and developing on them, ensuring there is growth in organizations, and identifying any pitfalls in the company goals, filling them with Training & Development.

  • Performance Evaluation forms
  • Performance Review policies

Training & Development

Training & Development is a successor to individual performance evaluation. Some existing employees might need to sharpen their skills. While new employees are also subject to Training & development to understand the specific skills of their job role.

Training ensures employees are aligned, evaluated, and developed as per the company’s goals at large. Training is a much-specialized arena of any HR Department and needs objectives to be defined, processes set, delivered, and results measured.

The following HR documents are an essential checklist for Training

• Yearly Training Calendar• Training Manuals• Training Need Analysis.• Training Assessment Form• Training Requisition Form• Performance Evaluation Report as an Input for Training• Training Study Material.Also Read:

  • Maternity Leave in India
  • Employee Offboarding Checklist: Exit Process
  • List of 10 Essential HR Documents

Compliance – Health Safety & Behaviour

Health and Safety is the primary concern when people are part of a system. Having compliance around health and safety listed brings clarity in times of unscheduled or disaster events.

  • Health & wellness framework
  • Occupational safety policies
  • Potential hazard & emergencies at the workplace
  • Behavior at the workplace
  • Insurance forms

HR Audits

Auditing a system means checking if everything is in place. Audits involve reviewing current scenarios vis-à-vis goals set. Audit means discipline in following an action plan. Inspections are essential to ensure a company is on the right track. Support audits by a – plan, data inputs, determining benchmarks and best practices to analyze your company data, preparing analytical reports, results, and future action plans.

Companies should be engaged in annual audits across the following departments to ensure proper management. Audits also bring a newer perspective that is not a part of the system and can be adapted.

• Company Policies
• Payroll System
• Compensation & Benefits
• Salary Structure
• Recruitment System
• Training
• Safety Procedures
• Employee Database
• Performance Management System
• Compliance

Salary Structure

Salary structure is a vital HR document defined parallel to job roles and descriptions. For setting salaries, therefore, consider the industry benchmarks.

Employee salary and taxes are under state and country by-laws, and that needs to be incorporated while designing salaries.

Employee Termination and Exit Policies

Attempt Employee Termination issues in your company compassionately. The terminations can be voluntary, involuntary, or a forced layoff. In all cases, companies should be ready with the policies and HR documents concerning employee termination & exit policies.

  • Exit Policies should be pre-defined and un-ambiguous to affect a hassle-free exit process.
  • Exit interview- involuntary termination- employee form
  • Exit interview – involuntary termination – senior management form
  • Exit Interview – voluntary termination form
  • Involuntary termination letter
  • Warning letters
  • Layoff announcement letter
  • Layoff notices
  • Memo of disciplinary action

Sexual Harassment

Workplaces are a ground where employees work together for a significant time of their day, getting pally with colleagues overwork, lunches and dinners are a regular thing. However, if things progress beyond a person’s will, there should be policies to guard their interests and to maintain particular discipline at the workplace.

As the workforce is mostly a balance of male and female employees, it is imminent to draw a sexual harassment policy to define the interest of both male & female employees.

The process might include the following forms–

• Checklist of conducting sexual harassment investigation
• Memorandum of harassment
• Sexual harassment investigation form


An automated system ensures better productivity and time management as your company grows. HR Departments supported by a secure system means a streamlined way of working. Attendance & time, Payroll system, Administrative functions, Benefits, Recruitment, and other functions can be streamlined for better management.

Equip your HR department with the above policies and documents for better functioning. Having these core HR documents in place ensures the company is enabled to handle all HR based requests.

What is important above all is having the Company’s Core Values, Mission statement, Vision, and Goals listed. Once you set a definite ground, it is easy to form the policies and procedures around your company culture.

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