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Review cycles & Review structures
We encourage and facilitate you with options to conduct multiple smaller employee performance tracking reviews, perhaps monthly or quarterly, and maybe even bi-annually.
Features for a smooth life
Flexible employee performance tracking review cycles

From now on, you'll not be locked into an ineffective annual performance review cycle. Enjoy the freedom and the benefits of our flexible employee performance tracking review system by conducting reviews monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or even annually.

Form submission by chronology

With 360 degree reviews there could be several participants involved in the review process. Having everyone submit the form at the same could be unnecessary, so you can choose to decide when will participants get their forms, separately.

Anonymous feedback

An option to keep feedback anonymous can be very powerful. Many companies have found it can be an amazing tool to gather some of the most honest and revealing feedback. Discover surprising reviews with this useful feature within your options.

Open forms on different dates

To ensure that the whole team doesn't end up busy focusing on their performance reviews at the same time, you can choose to open the review forms for specific employees on different dates. This lets you conduct reviews at an even pace.

Selective feedback visibility

Sometimes, feedback within the 360 degree reviews received for an employee would not be required to be visible for everyone else in the process. This is when you'll find glee in our feature to select which feedback employees can view.

Essential features
Open forms throughout review period

Of course, in cases your HR team prefers not keep a specific window of time for submission, you can give flexibility to employees to add and update their forms throughout the review period, that's no problem at all.

Extensions to overdue submissions

We all miss due dates in our life at some point or the other, right? Don't we deserve a second/third/Nth chance? Well, yeah! You can give your employees another chance with our flexible extension option on overdue review submissions.

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