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Rating Scales & Review reminders
It takes nuanced thinking but what it also requires the most if you're using a performance review software is - the option to be flexible with the rating scales. That's exactly what our goal was when designing the options for rating scales in sumHR's performance review software.
Features for a smooth life
Variety of rating scales in one performance review software

It wouldn't be fair to review an employee's level of performance or achievement with a very limited scope of ratings. We understand this, that's why we've provide 5 different types of rating scales to help your team make balanced assessments.

Ratings with Stars & Emojis

Though review forms are important they to tend to get dull and lengthy at times. You don't want compromise on the review parameters, we undrstand that. Hence, we'll help you spice up your rating scales with Emojis and Stars.

Automatic reminders

When everyone's busy in their daily jobs, it can be difficult for employees to remember to submit performance review forms. We face this challenge too at sumHR. That's where our automated review reminders will come to your rescue.

Rating scale per review question

A common rating scale for the entire review form- that's ordinary. But you're dynamic and so you deserve the extra-ordinary. This means, with sumHR you can assign a unique rating scale for each question/parameter in your review form.

Customizable rating descriptions

Average' is different from 'acceptable', and 'excellent' is different from 'exceptional'. Words in the rating descriptions can mean a lot when you're designing your rating scale. That's why, you get the freedom to frame your own descriptions.

Configure overdue reminders

It can be irritating for HR teams when employees don't submit their reviews on time. To help, we've created preset overdue reminders which you can modify to to suit your needs. Friendly tip, a strong word or two could get faster results.

Essential features
3 point rating scale

This is one of the most common rating scales in most company's review processes. While it's probably too binary for most important review parameters, it can come handy when seeking clarity on simple aspects of someone's performance.

4 point rating scale

For softer aspects of an employee's performance, say interpersonal skills or leadership qualities, you'd want to offer some room for the reviewer to be honest yet encouraging. This is what a 4 point scale can help you achieve in your review forms.

5 point rating scale

If you're looking to draw distinction between a number of high-performers in a team (lucky you!), you can use our five-point rating scale to set the 2nd point as meeting-expectations, and leave 3-4-5 for distinguishing high-degree performances.

7 point rating scale

When the review form has questions that require a wider range of rating, you may fall back on the Likert scale fundamentals to rank parameters from low to high or from poor to good or likeliness on extreme ends to measure subjective parameters.

10 point rating scale

We understand getting an accurate picture from a 10-point scale may be difficult, but we've still enabled this option for your flexibility because it can come handy when collecting feedback or running polls for NPS-like surveys.

Configurable due-date reminders

We have created 3 preset review reminders that will take care of nudging your employees about the upcoming review submission due-dates so that you can focus on improving their performance, not your email sending speeds.

Specify reminder delivery time

Email marketing experts often stress about the delivery time of when their emails should land in your inbox! If you're also thinkng on these lines, here's a surprise you'll like - you can specify the delivery time of our reminder emails too!

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