Generate letters, store docs & track assets

Handle paperwork, without the paper

From company formalities to personalized employee details, manage formal requests, maintain hierarchy within our system and so much more.

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Letters are personal, why not personalize them?

Customize letter templates with your employee's HR data points to generate relevant and contextual letters without digging up the details. Create for one, or for many at the same time. So, if you're doing this in bulk or at scale, you'll love us even more!

Your own postman, who writes & delivers your HR letters too

You define the routine (for eg. probation confirmations) and your postman handles the rest - i.e. create, e-sign and dispatch the HR letter into your employee's letterbox, without bothering.
I am happy with sumHR! It is extremely user-friendly. The team is very supportive and dedicated. We appreciate their attention to detail to make our task easy and the efforts they are putting to make us clients happy.
Rishu Singh
EX2 Solutions

e-Signatures? No problem. Sign as many as you need.

Getting a signature from the head of a department or even your CEO may sound simple, but can be tedious. Distribute signing authority without bothering the signatory with a one-time consent. No more bottlenecks to hand over a single HR letter.

All your HR files - safely on the cloud in your HR Drive

Files lying on multiple computers across different team members based in separate offices - if that's how you grapple with important HR data. You won't have to any more! All the HR files, sent-or-received, will be organized automatically on one HR Drive

IT inventory is no longer your burden

Coming this October
Remember that laptop which Jenny passed onto Kenny when Jenny's cat (Penny) spilled milk over? No, right? We guessed as much. Add sumHR to your IT support team and manage your IT assets like a pro.

Computers have a life too, we'll show you their timeline

Coming this October
As some employees leave and new ones join, many IT assets change hands. Every re-assignment begins a new story for the devices. With sumHR, you get a timeline view of every important milestone that your IT asset goes through - transfers, repairs or maintenance.
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