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The Must Have Features For A Payroll Software

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October 3, 2018

The essential part of any organisation is payroll. Every worker’s salary compensation is based on the payroll system. Now the features of payroll software are used to streamline and handle the payments of the employees. From automating several tasks such as depositing the salaries, to taking care of taxes, a payroll software is highly helpful. A payroll software is highly helpful for saving the cost of an accountant and calculating the salary.

Features of Payroll Software

To get a better understanding of the benefits, here are some features of payroll software.

1. Integrated Accounting

The human resources team and the accounting department can save time for managing every payroll detail manually. Thus, the payroll software can eliminate the scope of miscalculation and placement of the critical data in a wrong file.

For example, a mishap on the placement of a decimal point or ‘0’ can create a massive loss in the financial structure of the organisation. Not only is it an error-free payroll software, but also a time-saving one. The employee data is synced. The organisation can avoid penalties and abide by all the regulatory rules.

2. Recording Files and Payslips

The software can generate reports including leave summary, salary benefits, and salary statements. By using the digital platform, the software can print payslip. Moreover, you can even download and print the regulatory payroll forms like Form 12C, Form 12BA, and Form 16.

Acting as the sole repository of employment record and document, this software can be handy for any business. This software includes essential features like experience letter, organisational chart, employees profile, occupational safety and tax, and offer letter.

3. Reporting in Payroll Software

Through the software, you can customise the report criteria and follow the reporting tasks taken care of,

  • Timesheet reports
  • Balancing audit reports
  • Wage and liability audit-related reports
  • Unemployment wage reports
  • Form W-3, 941, W-2 and 1096
  • Several reports and inquiry output formats which include email, XML, text file and printed report

As different teams use the reports, the software can restrict the allocation of essential resources. The features of payroll software make the best out of the reporting operation. Before purchasing the software, you need to make sure that the essential reporting functions are available in your software.

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4. Keeping Track of Earning

One of the best features of payroll software is that it manages the earnings of the employees. But for that, the following elements need to be present in the software:

  • Calculation rules
  • Allocation rules
  • Premium pay and basic pay
  • FLSA overtime pay
  • Tax earnings
  • Worker-specific earning codes
  • Earning division on bonus tips or work performance

5. Tax Management Done Easily

The features of the payroll software service execute the task of tax filing and computing. With the features of payroll software, the employee taxes are filed within the deadline. This way, the chances of facing penalties are avoided.

The features of payroll software prices do not cost the enterprise fortune. But you should ensure that the following specifications are available,

  • Automatic quarter-end updates on tax tables
  • Pre-tax deductions
  • E-media reporting for every state
  • Interface for creating and transferring files to the chosen tax filing service
  • Check tax deposit due dates
  • Track exemptions and filing status
  • Employee compensation taxes

The payroll software stores pay calculating records every hour. It also pays attention to tax benefit purposes.

6. Depositing Directly to Account

One of the best features of payroll applications is that the payroll is deposited to the bank account directly. The software saves huge expense on the annual supplies and processing. It can also take care of any fraudulent activities related to the employee’s salary. The funds are transferred within no time directly from the company account to the employee account.

7. Customisation at its best

Among all the key features of payroll software, personalisation plays an integral role. Through customising every check and form, the whole system of payroll software is managed. You can customise the tables and menus here. You can also customise the reports, screens, and fields to offer the best kind of service. The software can print logos of the organisation for attaching them to the reports and checks.

8. High Level of Security

The primary security feature required in the software is that the database encryption. For restricting the highly valued resources like the tax files, employee personal details, and payroll information, the software has password protection.

With the comprehensive audit trails, the security feature also focuses on the control access. This takes care of sensitive information to the highest degree. The addition of record level security can save the company form fraud cases at an optimal level.

9. Know about Streamlining

Mentioned earlier that the role of the payroll software includes streamlining. The worker can get access to the records or printed pay stubs through the automatic generation of the payroll system. There is an option for getting in touch with the third-party administrator and track in-house bookkeeping.

10. Zero Error, High Level of Accuracy

The best thing about payroll software applications is that every work is carried out by following a high level of skill. By installing the latest updates on the application, the features of payroll software remain upgraded. And the system does not have to pay the price of manual error. With the help of automated payroll software, there is less chance of human error. Also, the tax forms are pre-filled following the worker’s payroll details. The unbiased third-party app can keep the records up-to-date every hour even if you outsource the operations. The features of payroll management software include quarterly audit reports, leave status and direct labour distribution documents. There are also regular payroll reports, wage file reports, 1099-file e-media report and track reconciliation reports. Therefore, features of payroll software inculcate visibility and insight into the critical functions of making reports regarding the payroll.

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