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11 Reasons Why Your Co-founder Is No Different From Your Spouse

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Team sumHR
July 20, 2014

Whether you're married or not, your co-founder will always prove to be your alter spouse. Here’s why:

1. The face you see day in and day out

Cofounder Spouse See Face Daily

No matter what hour of the day, what day of the week, your co-founder will always be around. He’ll be the one you spend most of your time with, whatever part of the world you’re in. No exceptions made!

2. They know everything

Cofounder Spouse Know Everything

While it may start with knowing only what you tell them, their knowledge of your life will soon extend from everything professional to everything personal. They will also know what your poker face, happy face, liar face, and goofed-up-big-time face looks like. No 'ullu banaoing’ here!

3. Planning for the future

Cofounder Spouse Plan Future

You think of where you want to be in the future in terms of two and plan product versions with your cofounder like you’d plan babies. One at a time, with neither of you knowing what it’s going to be like when it’s out.

4. Arguments and bickering

Cofounder Spouse Argument

Each mind is a different world and when two worlds clash, there’s going to be noise. It will be fun for while it’s new… Later, though, you’re going to be arguing over everything under the sun. But, there always will be hope. Your passion for the startup will always be enough adhesive to bring you together again.

5. You'll learn about each other’s likes and dislikes

Cofounder Spouse Likes Dislikes

Your co-founder will know what order to place for you at the coffee shop and most importantly, what not to order as well. The same goes for you! You’ll know if he prefers to work with rock music on or in quiet. More times than not, you’ll have learnt these things the hard way ;)

6. Sharing chores

Cofounder Spouse Sharing Chores

Since we are talking startup, there will be a million things to do and only the two of you. You’ll split the duties among yourselves and carry the entire the startup from being an idea to being an enterprise. The good chores and dirty chores alike!

7. Good cop, bad cop

Cofounder Spouse Good Cop Bad Cop

When you’re being too kind and are willing to forgive debts, your co-founder will step in and not let anyone take advantage of it. When you’re in the mood to be mean, your co-founder will let you have your joy and follow you around making amends, so there’s no damage done.

8. Roof hunting

Cofounder Spouse Roof Hunting

You’ll be scanning every small area you know in search of that perfect shelter to begin your startup in, and when you say perfect it has to be cheap, in a decent area so you can call clients over for meetings, and it should have the potential to turn into a swan from the ugly duckling that it is. That’s right. You’re in for the long haul!

9. Underlying understanding in terms of expenditure

Cofounder Spouse Expenditure

There will always be disagreements over what you need and what you don’t need and what you’re going to need soon (refer to point 4). Usually, it's the ‘you compromise now, I compromise then’ kind, so no one feels too grudgy about where all the money is going.

10. Sailing rough tides on the same ship

Cofounder Spouse Rough Tides

When the storm hits hard, you and your co-founder will fight shoulder-to-shoulder and make sure it doesn’t rock your boat. There is always the assurance of support, which encourages you to dare and take more risks.

11. Seeing the best and the worse of you like no other

Cofounder Spouse Best And Worst

That privilege is reserved only for your co-founder and for your spouse. No matter how badly you lose your mind or how much you goof up, you can always go home to them and find solace. They will always have your back.

If you are a startup entrepreneur and could relate to this, share it with your co-founder!

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