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Attendance Management System – Here’s Why Your Business Needs It


As the businesses are growing, startups are becoming small and medium enterprises. A jump in scale of operations also means hiring more people to run those operations smoothly. Now if only the best way to account for the ins and outs, absenteeism, different shift timings was that attendance register kept at the reception.

Attendance Mngmnt System

We all know that attendance register has been there since like forever and those were different times. With new age companies coming in, scaled-up magnitude of business and number of employees to be taken care of, concepts like work from home or working from remote locations, that register does not suffice to manage attendance of employees, so to say. And thankfully, technology brought some really cool, helpful innovative ideas with it. Like the automated attendance management system, also known as attendance management software is one such product by sumHR, a leading name in HR software solutions. This is that essential software that you would want to have for your organization if you want a hassle-free attendance management and payroll processing.

That attendance management system made life easier for the HR department of a company would not be incorrect, to put it simply. However, the benefits that technology brought to a so-called simple task of recording and maintaining employee attendance records go manifold. Recording attendance was something that was paid least attention to. After all, it is just about writing your in/out timings, right? Read further and you will have your answer.

There are many but top 4 benefits that accrue to any organization once it goes the automated attendance monitoring system way would be:

1. No more manual errors of any kind in attendance management

Let’s agree on one thing that during month-end, the HR representative who takes care of recording and collating the month’s attendance for payroll is probably the busiest person in the whole organization, as much as his CEO, if not less! In those stressful days that almost drag into nights, a small error of flipping a digit or missing a digit altogether may go unnoticed or may go on to make a huge impact on someone’s performance or who knows, on the company’s bottom-line too.

Now, when you install an automated attendance management system, there is no scope for manual feeding in the employee data. This brings in accuracy in recording attendance, which is the first step in managing your employees well.

2. No room for ‘time theft’ for employees

Take the case of maintaining an attendance register at the reception. There are always chances of someone marking it for a colleague and not getting noticed. We would be lying to ourselves if we say this doesn’t happen. Take another case where employees are supposed to fill in the timesheets on a weekly basis or so. Almost all of them are relying on their memory to recall their in/out timings for a whole week! Can you imagine the kind of lapses that are possible? Half an hour here or there, added for a consistent period of time for so many number of people, and you would never get an accurate picture on performance delivered vis-à-vis the hours put in. Especially critical for companies that charge clients on the basis of man-hours put in by the team.

An automated attendance management system takes away the load from everyone and makes recording attendance simpler on an everyday basis.

3. Move to a paperless and spreadsheet-less HR function

Ask any HR personnel and his biggest challenge is to move between spreadsheets and make sense of it while managing attendance and processing payroll. Month end is saved for running between those spreadsheets so that payroll is processed. We can’t blame her. That’s how it has always been.

But now it can be changed. We can move from those long, tedious spreadsheets and heaps of files and move towards the records that are automated and can be saved in multiple locations for good without risking any damage to that ‘one and only copy’.

4. Bring everyone on the same page

In traditional attendance management methods, employees were always in the grey area on how many sick leaves and casual leaves are left in their account, how many days they were late to office or if they got any comp off for that weekend they worked. The concerned HR person would always be inundated with requests from people coming to his desk for all these questions and then some more.

When the attendance monitoring goes automated, all this information is easily available to all the employees on their desktops and that leaves no ambiguity when it comes to attendance and work hours put in.

We are very sure with these reasons you understand why a company growing in size needs to invest in automated attendance software so as to have peace of mind. This very step brings in an order to the working of the rest of the organization. This brings us to why you should choose the attendance monitoring system from sumHR. Well, if we have convinced you till now, we won’t disappoint you now as well.

sumHR’s attendance monitoring system is packed with benefits that will not only delight you but will also make your life simpler.

Manage attendance on fingertips Define attendance policies, track every employee’s in/out time, and keep tab on work from home and different shifts, all this sitting in your cabin, without losing your head in registers or spreadsheets.

Accounts for all work related scenarios Managing different shift timings, accounting for work from home or working from client office and working flexi hours, sumHR attendance monitoring system has been designed to incorporate all new-age work related possibilities.

Simplicity of being a browser based software Employees can log in from the comfort of their browsers and hence, no need to install extra machinery for physical attendance management.

Pay as you grow We follow a very simple payment method – per employee/month. No license fees, no setup charges and no lock-in periods. Because we understand the value of money.

Enjoy the benefit of Biometric Device soon If browser-based attendance and time tracking is not your thing, no problem! We provide our own biometric devices to companies using sumHR. These devices are designed to integrate directly with our cloud-based servers, giving you real-time data about who’s clocked in/out of your office. Simple, isn’t it?

Now just imagine, being a small and medium sized business, when you save all your time by installing sumHR attendance monitoring system, where all can you use it constructively. Right?

Got questions regarding the same? Call us or write to us and we’ll get back to you at the earliest.

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