Easily import-export data & manage access.

Data Portability & Access Permissions Software

You can use Access Permissions to define the level of access you want to give different types of employees in your organization. Data Portability means you can easily reuse your data and transfer it back and forth with ease.



Why waste time typing out information in hundreds of forms? Using sumHR’s Data Portability feature you can easily import data stored in a spreadsheet or a CSV file. Be it data for attendance, employee details, or leave information, easily import the information to the system.


Satiate your company’s need for objectivity by using sumHR’s ability to export data. Whether its information about employee data, attendance, leaves, or even reimbursements, you can easily download the data for further review and analysis.


sumHR ‘s support for access and permissions means that you can easily restrict access to sensitive features to employees and managers alike. Swiftly choose what set of employees have access to different features.