What you can expect from us:

For us Customer Support is no different than Friendship. Our main aim is to help you and provide all the answers and solutions to any questions you have. In keeping with this objective, we will strive to come true on the saying, “A friend in need is a friend in deed”.


  • Modes Of Support

    1. In-app messaging system: Use our “help box” to instantly message us for questions, instructions, or detailed queries as well.
    2. Email support: Email us your requests if you’re unable to log into your account.
    3. Direct number:Speak directly with your Account Manager, in case of urgent queries or emergencies.
  • Availability & Turnaround Time

    1. Our Support is available from 10am to 8pm, on working weekdays.
    2. Depending on the type of situations, turnaround time may vary between 4 to 48 hours under normal circumstances.
    3. Sometimes certain issues may take longer than usual, but we’ll always keep you updated regularly on the issue status.
    4. Whatever the case may be, we usually respond within a few mins; if not, a few hours but never more than a day.
  • Company Account Setup

    Following points outline our commitment in setting up your account. We promise to:

    1. Collect all required data from you on time, coordinate and update you regarding each step during the setup process.
    2. Configure your account settings as per your company policies/structures.
    3. On board your existing employee data at the time of setup, and ensure everyone gets access to their respective sumHR accounts.
    4. Upload and update all your past HR, employee and payroll records.
    5. We provide support and guidance in analysing how to toggle payroll related aspects in system.
    6. We will help you to upload all employees payroll related details in system as per your requirements till date like, employee personal details, payroll related details, attendance till date, employee CTC, Employee Salary structure, all payslips.etc.
  • On-going Relationship and Account Management

    Once your account is live, we don’t forget you! 🙂 You’ll continue to receive high quality service from your friendly Account Manager throughout your relationship with us, which includes:

    1. Training for existing and new Administrators.
    2. Resolving any technical issues which may arise.
    3. Clarify any doubts or questions which you may have.
    4. Coordinating with our internal tech, payroll and biometric support teams on your behalf to ensure speedy resolution of your queries.
    5. We will help and guide you if you have any payroll related query or if you want any suggestions or requirement regarding the same.
  • On-demand extraordinary support

    This point outlines certain aspects of our support service which may be provided on case-to-case basis, depending on situational/exceptional circumstances. This out-of-scope support may be separately chargeable.

    1. Providing workaround solutions, in case of requirements outside of our feature list.
    2. In case of any system break down or technical bug, providing temporary assistance to process any sumHR activities related to your account.
    3. In case you want past salary records of your employees we help you generate them (with extra charges).


What we expect from you:

As you know friendship is a two way road, your coordination would help us fulfill your expectations.


  • Our system can upload data all-at-once, as long as it’s been supplied in compatible/specific format. So, we request you to share all your data in our predefined templates, in order for speedy setup and data upload.
  • We value your time and money a lot, hence, we’ve created a preset schedule for your account setup process. It’s best if you follow this schedule, it will help you GO LIVE speedily.
  • Our lifebuoy  (in-app guided tour) is available to help you and your employees learn and navigate within sumHR more easily. Though it’s a self-explanatory guide, if you feel the need to train your employees more deeply, you’re free to take over!
  • We’ve made it super easy for you to ask us plenty of questions through our help box  to provide quick responses, so please make use of it.
  • sumHR’s user-friendly interface coupled with our customized training sessions should help you understand all our features, likewise also maintain your data, run payroll, etc. So we hope you’ll be proactive in taking full advantage of all the functionality provided in sumHR.
  • Verifying, documenting and maintaining physical documents (like analysis of investment documents, to check employee attendance register, inspection book, leave cards, Maternity Benefits Register, etc) is outside of our purview. So please manage them at your end.
  • Monitor the timely submission of statutory compliance challans, submission of annual reports, filing of taxes etc. is again within your responsibility and not something we can assist with, unless you have subscribed to separate Compliance Management Services with us. In case you have subscribed to such services, our team will manage agreed statutory compliance responsibilities for you.
  • Registrations and renewals of any statutory requirements like PT, PF, ESIC, etc. is your company’s responsibility.


IMPORTANTAccount Access for Support WorkDuring your account setup and in the course of providing you support, there may be times when we need to access your account. However, this access comes with a lot of responsibility on our shoulders. Hence, we’ve not enabled any “Master Password” in the system. In fact, if and whenever we need to access your account, we can do so only with your login credentials.

So, we request you to please always share only a temporary password to your account, which can be changed back to the original once your query is resolved.

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