Of Rockstar Programmers and Startups: Recruiting the Best

Rockstar EmployeeWhile different startups have their own version of the profile, the ultimate “rockstar” employee for a tech company could be defined as someone who is extremely passionate about technology and loves to find solutions. Someone who is in awe of everything new that arrives in the market and marvels at old inventions and understands how those simple inventions set the basis for technology today.

Getting programmers is easy but getting good ones is the challenge. A programmer must possess the proper understanding of the job and sheer common sense when it comes to understanding what he is expected to bring to the table.

Sometimes a simple job of just counting numbers or getting your boss his morning coffee is done with “Tally” or a coffee app on your BlackBerry that makes ordering coffee easy. Nevertheless, even jobs in technology are just as challenging as it requires the same level of understanding and mastering of skills to do.

When hiring programmers, a personal interview is not enough. You probably are going to ask him to plop down on a chair and work his magic on the computer. It is then that you can judge by the intensity on his face and the patience when working that you would be able to best judge his love for technology.

A rockstar programmer is not one who thinks he knows everything about technology and programming, but someone who thinks that no matter how much he (or she) knows, there’s always something new to learn.

Most tech startup with who we spoke to told us that they would hire anyone who is passionate about technology, simply because it would be similar to climbing Mount Everest if one had to slouch on an office chair all day in front of a screen that he/she can’t stand the sight of.

After all “rockstars” are rockstars because of their passion for what they do and how evident it is in their work, be it music or programming.

[This article is part of a series called “Of Rockstars and Startups: Recruiting the Best”. Hope you enjoy reading it.]

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