An easy reimbursement system management for quick applications!

Employees can apply for reimbursements and keep track of all past requests at one spot with sumHR’s reimbursement system. Managers can view every reportee’s requests even without access to approve. This makes reimbursement management system easier as managers can be aware of any incorrect reports.

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Users can request for reimbursement management system via this section if the policy is assigned to them such as a travel reimbursement policy for employees. Send an approval request to the designated approver after filling in the required details in sumHR’s business expense system.


Users can view their own reimbursement requests to check the status or revoke any incorrect request using our business expense software.


Managers can view their own reimbursement requests as well as those from their reportee’s in this section of our business expense management software. Managers cannot take action on requests if they’re not selected as approvers.


If a manager is selected as an approver, sumHR’s reimbursement management system provides a graphical analysis of the no. of requests and the total reimbursement amount. Additionally, this feature offers an overview of the pending, rejected, approved, and compensated amounts. This makes it easier to manage current and old employee reimbursements.

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