HQ Account

Manage your entire HR platform from a single software for HRIS. This is your mothership! The HQ account in sumHR gives you quick access to your company's global defaults and also allows switching between different companies (if you have more than one!). Whether you are a conglomerate, an MNC, an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or a Payroll/HR Consultant - our HQ Account gives you the power to manage and control all your HRMS deployments across different companies from a single access point. No need to create different accounts, or pay for separate HR softwares.

Single window, multi-company HRMS

If you're a conglomerate or have diversified your business into multiple verticals, you don't need to buy multiple HRMS products. Manage all your companies, under a single account within the budget of 1 HRMS subscription.

Multiple Localisations, one software for HRIS

You may choose to configure separate timezones, currencies and even choose how to display the different date formats (based on local norms) for employees logging into your HRMS from different countries across the globe.

Interface branding

Provide employees with an HR experience that's closely in-sync with your company's branding. You can your company logo to display across the interface, specify a branded login URL, and also set a cover-image with text customizations.

Essential features
Global settings

Running an international business? Or part of an MNC? Managing HR for multiple companies spread across the world at the same time, can be complicated. Break no sweat, you can manage HR for unlimited companies from one software for HRIS.

Choice of financial cycle

If you've got offices in different countries you can configure separate timezones for each company and even specify the date format you're more comfortable using. sumHR will display everything as you prefer.

Unlimited administrators

The root-ownership of your entire Account will rest with 1 person (as the primary owner of your account), but you can also add unlimited Co-owners. What's more, each company under your account can have unlimited administrators as well.

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