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Asset Management (coming soon)
Our asset management powers will help you optimize investory and organize asset management much better than a spreadsheet.
Features for a smooth life
Manage asset inventory

Get one grand view of all company assets in your inventory with quick information like asset category, serial number, ownership type, current assignment status and much more. Your IT manager can throw out that bulky spreadsheet.

Assignment workfow

Handing over a laptop (or any hardware/software, for that matter) may be routine but no less important than giving your car key to someone. We've ensured every employees acknowledges receipt of an asset thereby accepting responsibility for it.

Timeline of assignment

An average IT asset spends around 4-5 years in your company, changing hands about 1 time a year. Re-assignments take place as employees or new ones join. Get a detailed timeline of every important milestone your asset passes through.

Physical & digital assets

The world is going digital and so are our assets. There's no replacement to our physical devices (laptops and servers) but we're now dependent even on digital assets too. Hence, we've ensured you can categorize assets as physical or digital.

Warranty tracking

Missing warranty dates can be costly, especially if you have expensive assets heavily in use across your teams. Using our warranty tracking features, ensure that your IT team gets timely reminders to check and extend them before it's too late.

Asset condition

The condition of an asset can make a big difference in the efficiency it will bring to the employee's work. Keep a regular check on the health of your assets by regular maintenance drives on the older and shaky ones.

Essential features
Preset asset types

We provide options, you pick from them. That's how easy it can be with our readymade preset list of physical and digital assets to choose from that leave very little for you to do when managing your asset inventories.  

Asset code / ID system

With hundreds of IT assets scattered around and many of them identical to each other, it can get quite confusing to identify each one. Not with our automated asset coding system which gives a unique ID for each asset you add to your inventory.

Recovery of IT assets

It's no surprise that devices move from one person to another in a busy organization. The crucial point is to have all the inputs required for recovery status report every time the IT asset returns to base, and sumHR ensures that for you.

Asset ownership records

Our memory is strong but not as good as elephants, and definitely much less than a software. Ownership features can help you flashback on all info about your IT assets (purchase date, cost, invoice details, etc.), within a few clicks.

Availability status

Want to know if that laptop is still available in inventory? There's no need to go back to the warehouse or that dark, cobwebby storeroom. Quickly check if your required IT asset is currently available, or in-use or even in maintenance.

Rental or subscribed assets

Many companies are starting to like the subscription economy, not just for software but for hardware too. If you're one of them, our rental/subscription assets feature will come handy for you. Track expiry dates and see long-term savings/costs.

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