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Remember the time when getting a job actually required HUNTING for one? It involved the same routine of finding the easiest targets, tracking them till they are isolated from the rest of their hood, entering their space, slowly closing quarters, and SHOOT right before they catch your eyes. If we were to put our modern age job search in literal perspective, things aren’t very different from what hunting demands. We’ve come a long way from scooting for the next career option in every newspaper’s career editorials and spreading the word about our joblessness in closed circuits of family and friends only hoping to get a reference sooner. However, the latest digital sensation is our saving grace and time, here careers are made on clicks. The job portals in India are the latest go-to for all you job seekers who are looking to just get started, interested for a change in career paths or just want to work outside of their old walls.

If you are just getting out of college and are still unsure of what your life’s goal is, there are job portals for freshers that are most handy and effective for the inexperienced to start from. Given that there are so many websites and applications that seem to be doing the same work, only a few of them are really sincere about their posted jobs. But you have nothing to worry, the best job portals in India aren’t going to be hard to find anymore. Here’s a list of top 20 job portals in India. Read on and let those nightmare turn into your best daydreams.

Founded in 1997, is synonymous with online job portals in India. has a database of 49.5 million job seekers, and it is only growing, everyday. Popular with employers and job hopefuls, is one of the most trusted portals in the country.

Placement India

India’s top placement consultant, Placement India is an ideal choice for any job seeker. The portal hosts job listings from a variety of fields such as IT, Education, Hospitality, Telecom, and Real Estate.

Monster India

An international job portal, set its shop in India in 2001, and quickly grew to popularity. Monster India offers an app on both iOS and Android to make searching for jobs even easier. Monster India even collaborated with the Indian Air Force Placement Cell to help retiring Air Warriors find careers in the corporate field. is a subsidiary of Times Business Solutions. It is well regarded for its user friendly design and convenience. A unique feature of this portal is the ability for candidates to post multiple resumes, specific to the industries they are applying to. is the world’s #1 job portal, and it has made its impact in India as well. With its minimalist design, and ease of navigation, is a calm oasis in the chaos of most job portals.


Jooble is one of the most intuitive job sites to operate, a single query can give you listings from over 300 job portals across India. Imagine a Google for job listings, and you’ve got Jooble!

Founded in 2008, is the second largest job portal in India. Not only does have a mobile app, but it also integrates the social media networks of the candidates to help employers find their ideal employee.

FreshersWorld is a unique job portal in that it offers job listings to people who have freshly graduated from college, and have little to no work experience. It has an impressive client list consisting of companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Motorola and Toshiba. began as an online classifieds, but quickly morphed into a popular platform for job listings. offers listings in fields ranging from government jobs to call centers, IT to Marketing. It also has separate categories for freshers, part time jobs, and internships.


No job portal list would be complete without LinkedIn. The most popular social network for working professionals, LinkedIn helps job seekers find relevant jobs and get in touch with others in their industry.


Glassdoor is a unique site where most current and ex-employees signup with an intent to write an anonymous feedback for the company they have worked for or are still working for. It’s a great site for new joiners to get a real inside on how the company functions and if they are any shortcoming that they need to look out for. As for the jobs, Glassdoor allows you to update your resume and choose your job preference, according to which you will be connected with your ideal lead.


Given that not everyone can move to the big cities in pursuit of a corporate job, the best career option for the remaining lot are government jobs. JobSarkari is one of the most popular job portals for government jobs in India, being the only site that immediately updates the site every time there is a new opening declared by the Indian Railways or public sector banks.


If you are someone who wants to pick your hours of work depending on your flexibility, then Upwork is one of the best job portals for freelancers in India. This US based job portal has experienced jobs from across the world. The best part, the payment for these jobs are as per international standards. is another portal for freelancers, as the name suggests. They connect the web designers & developers, application builders, graphic designers, product managers, etc to businesses that are looking to outsource creative and talented fast moving individuals who can contribute to their ideas. is getting popular for being one of the world’s leading employment search engines. It has grown its users to over 35 million users per month and has 75 million+ registered users so far. They are servicing 58 countries, with matching the perfect candidate with the ideal job offer using search engine in different businesses.

As the name suggests, reports all the latest job openings, employment news, study reference material , video lessons and all these are updated to you through emails and Facebook alerts. Best part, all of this is for free. is one of the more popular job sites for job seekers interested to find opportunity in Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Korea,  Australia, USA, Taiwan, as well as India. They have been in the online job portal scene since 1998.

If you are getting started in your career, here’s a website that will assist you in creating resumes, give training for interviews for jobs in both public and private sectors. has recently gained its popularity in being one of the best job portals in India. They have 20+ categories of jobs with some of India’s top employers looking for their next hire. You can visit here for both full-time and part-time opportunities.

Another portal for job hunters that are looking for a government position as their career goal. offers tips and updates with alerts, along with a link to direct application and resume section to be sent to the required parties.

So here you have the best job portals in India that can help you find any kind of job that you would like to find your next career into. If this isn’t enough to find you the right place to work for, you can check out Top 200 SuperHR who might be able to help you find something better than you thought you could.

If you’re looking for a job in a startups check

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