Company Structure & Information

The structure of a company plays a key role in defining the way the organization functions. Use the plethora of flexibility and HR data points provided in sumHR to design and define your company’s own structure using single HRIS software. You can segregate your company into separate lines of business using Business Units, create departments and sub-departments within them, add cross-departmental Teams which work across levels, and even define a comprehensive list of job titles as per seniority and hierarchy in your organization.

Popular features
Employee Directory

Often there is so much employee data that goes unnoticed and underutilized in many organizations. This won’t be the case if you’re using our centralized company directory to easily access all and important employee data on your fingertips

Database filters

HR teams can use from over 25+ granular data-points across the employee’s profile in order to filter down to the desired group of employees. Quickly and easily download comprehensive employee information for MIS data reports.

Targeted Announcements

ven if you have a large employee strength spread across different locations, you can quickly and easily send out one-click announcements (direct-to-email) to the desired recipients using powerful filters in your Company directory.

Organization chart

Employees are often curious to find out where they fit in the puzzle. Using the Org chart they can refer to the reporting hierarchy and discover the who’s who of your organization, getting to know each other along the way.

Essential features
Business Units

Different line-of-businesses within the same organization? Want to manage multiple payroll entities under one company? Using our Business Units feature, you can create multiple BUs as separate sub-companies and independent payroll entities


Departments form the backbone of your organizational structure. Add as many departments as you’d like and even create sub-departments within a large one, with a department head assigned to each department. Multiple Departments, one HRIS software.

Cross-functional Teams

If you have groups of employees working in multiple cross departmental projects, you can use this feature to create any number of Teams and even assign a Team Leader to them. This will allow you to maintain some order to the divisions.

Designations / Job titles

Choose from a ready list of hundreds of designations or create your own company-specific designations. Each designation can have a defined superior/parent designation, in order to help create your corporate ladder.


Many companies define grades to organize levels of hierarchy. If you’re one of them, you can use this flexible feature to assign grades to employees which can further be used in various HR processes like Payroll.

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