Employee Management.
Employee number / ID / code system

As an organization grows bigger it becomes necessary to assign unique identification numbers to each employee in order to organize things better and streamline processes. This number is called in different but interchangeable ways - Employee Number, Employee Code or even Employee ID. Using our comprehensive and powerful numbering system, you can ensure accurate record keeping but also preserve confidential information without identifying the employees.

3-layered employee numbers

Option to configure a 3 layered employee coding system (prefix, mid-text & suffix) which allows for generating codes that may consist of 3 moving and variable parts for accurate employee management. You can go with a plain vanilla 1-part number or with a combination of 2 and even 3 part employee code.

Numerical series or Custom text

If not with preset company data points, you can even go with your own choice of text to customize the employee numbers. Additionally, you can also define the starting point of the numerical series from where the employee numbers must begin.

Restrospective assignment

Once you've set things up, it would be a shame if you'd have to go back and assign each number manually. So, if you'd like, you can switch to auto-assignment of employee numbers, which will work not only for current but also ex-employees in your HRMS.

Essential features
Automatic & Manual Numbering

You can manually specify employees numbers (as whatever you'd like) or let sumHR handle assignment of dynamically generated employee numbers (employee codes), automatically, every time a new employee joins your company.

Codes by org structure

Configure automated employee numbers based on a variety of data points like company name, business units, departments, and even office locations. Use 1 or more of these to create unique but easily identifiable employee numbers across the company.

Case sensitivity & separators

For the perfectionist in you, we not only provide an option to choose whether the employee number should be in UPPER CASE or lower case but also allow for you to decide your preferred separator between the prefix/mid-text/suffix in the employee number.

Define series start point

If you'd like keep the history aside, no worries! You can continue the numbering series from the point of your choice at the time of configuration. The employee numbers for those added to your HRMS until this point will be in your complete manual control for all-round employee management.

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