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MIS automation & Report Robo (bot)

Don’t you hate those days at the start or end of the month, when all you do is prepare report after report and then send each report one by one to different people. Some are for you, some for your team and some even for the top management. Time is of essence and you don’t have enough of it but very few value it – we’re one of those who do. Don’t sweat, Report Robo’s coming to your rescue. Just give your instructions to Report Robo and he will obediently dispatch reports, on time, every time, every day/week/month – or whenever else you’ve asked for it.

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Popular features
25+ HR report templates

Growing library of 25+ reports that provide you data in a variety of formats. Whether you’re looking for a simple birthdays list or a comprehensive time-off report, you’ll find what you’re looking for and more. What’s more, if in the rare case you don’t find your specific report, drop us a line and we’ll find a way to delight you.

Scheduled HR reports

An industry-first automatic report dispatcher which works like your assistant. You instruct once and then forget about it. Report robo will dispatch your selected reports every day/week/month or whenever you need it and serve it right in your inbox. Report Robo never forgets and obediently continues sending you the reports, endlessly

Multi-recipient report delivery

The good part about sumHR’s Report Robo system is, it allows you to not only generate and serve reports for yourself but also includes other colleagues who may need this report, just like you do. This saves you the time to download and email them separately!

Essential features
Instant reports

If your boss needs a report ‘ASAP’ or if you’ve got an urgent idea and you need data to back it up, use our ‘Generate Now’ option to get the report, pronto! Once you place the order, our reports engine will serve it fresh right in your inbox, within seconds!


Most systems expect you to download reports, save them somewhere and then re-attach/upload them to share it with your colleagues. We think that’s unnecessarily cumbersome. We dispatch the report right into your inbox. This works as a 3-in-1 solution, now you can forward directly (no download/attach), or you can keep it saved there for future, or you can even download and view it

Filtered data

In most HR systems, we’re compeled to download reports of much larger data set than we require. With sumHR, we’d like to save you the trouble of sifting through reports. You can simply choose specific employees, a particular office location, and a specific department too when choosing to generate an HR report.

Download history

Easily view the history of all reports you or your colleagues have generated. If you scheduled a report for your boss and want to make sure it was dispatched to her on time (on the date you expected it), just hop in here to confirm. Ensure you have a trail of who / what / when about reports.

Modify report schedules

Created a daily attendance report to keep an eye on slackers but don’t need it any more? Want to edit the instructions you’ve given Report Robo? No problemo. Head over to the scheduled reports list and simply delete that report order. From there on, Report Robo will do as you say.

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