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Workflow Approval

One of the most important and recurring aspects of any HR process is Approvals. As your organization grows bigger, the routes a request takes, from the moment it’s dispatched to the moment a decision is made, becomes longer and more complicated. In fact, for every type of request (attendance, leaves, expense claims, etc.) the required workflow may differ. After deep research and observation of several organizations’ request workflows, we’ve designed workflow features that give a new meaning to flexibility.

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Popular features
Readymade workflow templates

Choose from a variety of templates based on common best-practices. Readymade templates of workflows allow you a stress-free configuration and the option to switch from one method to another, quickly. For every type of request, you can use a different type of workflow template.

Level based workflow approval

For important requests, you may need multi-level approval. In this workflow, you can create up to 5 levels of approvals. As a request is approved at the first level, it will move to the next level and so on. The request will remain pending until there are approvals from each level.

Back-up approvers

Sometimes the decision makers in a workflow have already left the organization, or may be the request sender doesn’t have a manager assigned at the moment a request is made. In such cases, this feature comes handy. It allows you to assign a backup role to someone in cases where the original decision-maker doesn’t exist.

Essential features
Unlimited workflows

What’s more, there’s no limit to the number of workflows you wish to create. You can create one set of workflows for routine HR operations and assign it to a group of employees, and then create another specific workflow approval to assign to a select few employees

Full-trust workflow

A workflow that doesn’t require approvals – it’s auto-approved the moment a request is applied. If there’s a set of employees (eg. management) who may apply for requests for record-keeping formalities but don’t require special approvals, this workflow suits best in this situation.

Free-flowing workflow

If you require a workflow where multiple people are involved but not everyone needs to approve, then this is the workflow for you. In this workflow, any 1 of the recipients can approve/reject the request, irrespective of the number of recipients involved. The rest of them don’t need to take any further action.

Hierarchy based workflow

We call this one, “All-hands-in workflow”. Here, all recipients are required to approve the request. Even if 1 of the recipients doesn’t approve, the request will remain pending. Similarly, even if one of the recipients rejects the request, the entire request will be rejected irrespective of other recipients’ approvals initially.

Auto-approvals on overdue requests

HR teams often complain of lazy managers who don’t take action on pending requests, stalling HR processes and unnecessary creating bottlenecks. At such times, this feature saves the day and keeps the process flowing. It automatically approves/rejects a request when the request remains pending for over few days.

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