Roles & Permissions

When your organization uses an HR system with self-service across the board, it becomes imperative to control who has access to what part of the HR software because it involves dealing with very sensitive and confidential data of your company. Hence, permissions and role based access becomes not only a necessity but also a priority for you. We realize this importance and ensure that you get the control you require, right up to each feature level. sumHR's permission options are perhaps the most detailed and granular you can ever find.

Readymade roles

We've ensured 3 most commonly used roles come preset in sumHR, with standard access permissions. These roles are, Admin (meant for HR leaders/teams, CXOs), Managers (those with reporting employees) and Employees (regular, employees en masse).

Custom permission roles

While presets are good to have, one size doesn't fit all and there are bound to be situations where you will need to create special roles for specific persons in your company. For this very reason, in sumHR you can create a fully customized role to suit your needs.

Granular permissions

Having served customers across industries, we understand that every organization's permission needs differ widely. This is precisely why we architectured sumHR permissions to be highly configurable not only per module but right up to each feature, at granular level.

Essential features
Modify role templates

If you want to modify our predefined roles, that's not a worry at all. A few simple clicks will allow you to customize preset roles of all Administrators, Managers or even Employees, across sumHR irrespective of who have been assigned these roles.

View-only limits

In some cases, you may want to provide some folks with limited access to pages (eg. consultants) such that they can view the information but not be able to take any actions. Using the flexibility in our permissions module, you'll be able to handle this situation without a worry.

Employee profile permissions

Based on the country / industry you're from or the work culture in your offices, your organization's preference with regards to profile-data access may differ. Using the global profile privacy permissions, you can control view/edit access for all employee profile across the board.

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