100+ Online HR Tools & Resources for HR Professionals

hr-tools-resources-3If you are one of our breed (that is to say, a human resources manager) or if you are a new born (just stepping into the HR world), then perhaps you have a huge load of work on your plate and lots and lots of queries. If there are times when you feel the need of a third umpire, or an agony aunt, or a reporter on the current happenings in the HR world or simply a fellow kinsman to chat with, then be sure to lay your eyes upon this “rescue” list.
Listed here are some useful online HR tools and online resources for everyone having anything to do with HR:

We’ve tried to list out as many important and useful resources as possible. If there are any you think we missed out, feel free to mention them in the comments below. Also, if you are a HR professional wanting to shed off your load of work, why not give sumHR a try!

[Note: The listed items are not numbered in terms of their relevance or ranking. The numbers are solely for ease of reading purposes.]

Namrata is the marketing and content specialist at sumHR. Currently pursuing her MBA, she has a knack for writing with a tinge of humor. Part of her day is spent thinking what to write, and the rest of it, wondering what on earth has she written! (the end results are quite surprising though).

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  • Hi Namrata, this list is quite exhaustive. I got what I was looking for, thanks for compiling this list and it is a resource indeed for every HR.

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