Google Glasses in Work Places: Pros & Cons

Google Glass Workplace

With the much-awaited launch of Google Glass, a futuristic and revolutionary product by Google, everyone is trying to figure how to accommodate it in their daily lives and work places. A Google Glass is a portable wearable computer with an optical head mount display (OHMD). The product enables the user to capture and share videos and pictures. It also has snazzy applications like face recognition, Google+, Gmail, etc. The introduction of Google Glass has raised many questions and concerns especially with respect to its presence and eventually its usage in work places. Since the product is first of its kind in the market, people are still exploring the uses, benefits, and consequences. It has great potential to improve the work ambiance in organisations, but many HR managers feel that it may also pose major threats to company and employee privacy. There are various pros and cons of the Google Glass. Here is a list with respect to work places that may help you in framing your company policy:

Pros of Google Glasses in Work Places

Monitor Employee Efficiency: With the help of Google Glass, HR managers can keep a tab on the quality of work delivered by an employee. In work places, it is relatively difficult to keep an eye on employees, especially if the work is outsourced from other countries where the working conditions might be poor, because of which the quality of work is hampered. Even though most work places have cameras to monitor operations in the organisation, most employees know the location of the cameras, so a product like Google Glass becomes like a mobile camera. It also provides track records of the scheme of activities an employee undertakes throughout the day, therefore efficiency of labour in an organization will be optimized.

Employee Training: Companies can save a lot of money, if they can incorporate Google Glass in their training modules. They can save capital in training their employees by using these for training in work places. It will also ensure one to one engagement between the trainee and the trainer, since it will be personalized and more interactive.

Tele Commuting: Google Glass will be a boon for HR managers working with employees who have to telecommute. It will maximize connectivity between employees in virtual work places and help in communication and decision making, since employees can connect with each other easily. It will also help them conduct meetings within departments without causing much trouble since they can convey their ideas, plans, and strategies more conveniently with the help of the device.

Cons of Google Glasses in Work Places

Employee Privacy: In bigger organisations, this may be a concern. With an app like face recognition, anyone can get access to your personal details and this might be an issue in work places. It can cause cases of stalking. Therefore, HR managers need to be careful in formulating rules that will protect the privacy of employees.

Identifying Private Places: Since a device like Google Glass is being perceived by many as a threat to privacy, organisations should identify areas in work places, which would allow use of the device, and areas wherein use wouldn’t be permissible. For example, areas like washrooms, conference rooms, and places where sensitive information is discussed should be tagged as private locations where these devices are supposed to be disabled.

Privacy of Data: Work places where sensitive data is dealt with should frame firm rules regarding usage of this device. These days, companies can’t afford to compromise with the data, since the data can be easily recorded and might be misused. Therefore, HR managers should formulate regulations for the usage of the device.

The futuristic Google Glass is a double-edged sword. It has both positive and negative aspects, which are to be considered. HR managers should devise strategies so that the device can be used to deliver optimum results, thereby benefitting the organisation.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below about Google Glass and its applications and implications at work places.
Uma Roychoudhuri
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  • Posted at 8:16 pm, July 30, 2013

    Nice description of the Google Glass..But it will take a long time to be completely integrated for everyday use,,

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