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Full & Final settlement policies

Parting ways with employees can be a tough thing, and when money is involved things can get quite complicated. Having clearly defined separation policies in payroll can make things easier to manage for the payroll team. Use our simple but powerful options to set your FnF policy - configure whether to hold or process salaries during notice period, include/exclude leave encashment at separation and also set preferences about how you'd like to handle gratuity when employees exit.

Separation policies

Create any number of F&F settlement policies which can be applied on employees in group or individually. Choose specific payroll rules during separation with regards to notice period, leave encashment and gratuity.

Partial payment of F&F

In case your organization prefers, you can continue salary payments via regular payroll process during notice period and only withhold the payroll for exit-month (month of exit-date). Some companies call this partial F&F settlement.

F&F in bulk, or individually

For growing organizations at rapid pace, there are bound to be significant attritions also. Dealing with F&F settlements in volume can be very challenging for payroll teams, that's why we've empowered you with Bulk-FnF settlement options.

Essential features
Automatic stop payment

If your policy configurations specify so, as soon as we detect an employee going on notice their payroll will be put on hold. You can take the next course of action conveniently from the F&F section dedicated for exit payroll settlements.

Leave encashment at exit

Many companies compensate employees for unused leave balance at the time of exit. If your payroll policies require this option, you need to look no further. Simply switch it on in your separation policy and we'll take care of the rest.

Gratuity accrual in F&F

Gratuity calculations can get quite confusing, especially during exit scenarios, but not with us. If you've enabled gratuity in your separation policy, we can auto-calculate gratuity payable at the time of exit.

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