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Request Center

One of the primary goals of any HR system would include facilitating smooth flow of requests within the organization, across all HR functions. Employees would sending requests across attendance, leaves, expense claims and many other routine HR matters. Leaving these requests scattered across the software in their respective modules or in emails would be a cardinal mistake. We believe all requests across all HR functions should arrive and process from a centralized place – hence, presenting the all-in-one Request Centre based on their HR policies.

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Popular features
HR Policy-breach alerts

You no longer need to monitor HR policies in your company. Based on all policies in place, sumHR’s policy engine will constantly keep an eye on policy breaches and alert you with warnings or requests for approval on deductions/penalties that may apply as per your HR policy settings.

Bulk-actions on requests

Some times you may face situations where there’s a backlog of requests that needs to be cleared sooner than later. If you’re worried about going through each request one-by-one, worry not! You can approve or reject several requests within a couple of clicks!

Essential features
Function-based requests

With all requests coming into 1 inbox, things could get overwhelming for managers and HR teams. This is why we ensure each type of request is carefully categorized and collected in its own dedicated folders, giving you a clutter-free request management experience.

Remarks for every request

Taking quick decisions is one thing but leaving an information trail for posterity is equally important. With every Approval or Rejection taking place, managers and HR teams can maintain best practices with relevant comments/remarks that elaborate on why the decision was taken.

Approval history

Want to know which requests were raised when, by whom, who took the decision and on what basis? You won’t have to hire a private detective for it. Every request in sumHR leaves an audit trail of all actions taken on it, even if there are multiple levels of approvals.

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