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Multi-medium Notifications for your HR information system.

With technology at our fingertips, we jump between devices faster than we move from one breath to another. Knowing this ourselves, we want to ensure you and your employees don’t miss any HR news or information. For your HR information system, we built a notification system that extends beyond the vanila emails and reaches you via browser notifications, if you’re on-the-go then via mobile notifications and even through an in-app bell which alerts you with updates as they happen. When it comes to staying updated, we’ve got you covered.

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Popular features
Daily digest

Every morning and every evening, just like a daily newspaper arrives at your doorstep, we dispatch a beautifully compiled email to all employees (managers and administrators too) with tailored updates, right in the inbox. We call this newspaper, the Daily HR Digest!

Browser notifications

Many of us are constantly hooked to our laptop screens, multi-tasking from one tab to another. While we have aces the juggling act, we wouldn’t want to miss out on a leave request or an HR announcement, would we? The instant browser notifications will ensure that as get updates lightning fast!

Essential features
HR Insights email

One of the primary wish of top management and HR leaders is getting a bird’s eye view of the happenings in their organization. We understand the importance of this need and created a Daily Insights email that showcases important data points that can give insights and enable better decision-making.

Mobile-app notifications

If you’re an HR manager on-the-go or have a workforce that’s frequently on-field, our mobile app notifications will make sure you don’t miss out on any HR action. From requests that you’ve made or updates on decisions that you to take, everything will float up on your mobile screen.

In-app alerts

After all the attempts your HR information system makes if we still manage to miss your attention, you will find our alerts inside sumHR waiting to get noticed, with a simple blue dot. Nothing intrusive but definitely noticeable.

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