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Custom Fields to save HR information

An HR system that doesn’t allow the flexibility of creating customized employee data based on each company’s unique needs, is not doing justice to it’s primary job. At sumHR, we understand that every company is unique and hence it’s HR needs will also be unique. While one industry may require passport details from an employee, another may need a driving license, on the other hand, some may need the option to create special fields specific to their industry. Whatever may your need be, our powerful custom fields have got you covered with encyclopaedic HR information.

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Popular features
Unlimited custom fields

Power-up your employee database with as many customized fields of data points as you need. You can create and manage as many custom-fields as you like, without contacting our support team or depending on any technical team. Just click, define, design and save!

Field varieties

As if the power to create unlimited custom-fields wasn’t enough, we go a step further and empower you with the choice/types of custom fields. You can choose field types like alphabetical text, numerical text, radio buttons, dropdown, or dates.

Date-based reminders

Configure custom fields with date pickers in it. Uses may range from driver’s license expiry dates or even local body compliances renewing registrations. If you include a date in your custom field, sumHR will remember to send the HR team and the employee timely reminders as the date close in.

Essential features
Access control

Control how employees interact with custom fields. Allow employees to edit the fields any number of times, close the edit access after the first submission, or even keep it ‘view only’ while you edit HR information. If required, you can even make the field totally private, with admin access only!

Include documents

There may be times where you require copies of documents to be attached along with the custom-field data. In such cases, you can make document uploads mandatory with the custom field so that employees can remember to upload it as they provide you with the information.

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