Guest Blogging Guidelines

Are you a writer or blogger with keen interest or expertise in HR, people management, human resource best practices or topics related to the field and profession of HR in general? If yes, you’ve come to the right place to get your words to read and build an audience for your unique content. We’re constantly looking for writing enthusiasts who have expertise in the field of HR management and related fields. If you are the If you have what we are looking for, you are in for a surprise! Write to us and if we love your content, we will provide you with lucrative incentives for the same.

Themes and topics we blog about

We accept posts from guest authors as long as their content is in line with the below themes or topics:

If you’re thinking of blogging with us and brainstorming on ideas, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

If you have questions or doubts pertaining to this, feel free to reach out to marketing team on

Content writing tips for guest bloggers

As with most guest blogging opportunities, the goal for our guest blogging initiative is to share content that engages our audience, makes them think in an interesting manner, educates them about new technologies, best practices, theories, experiences and expert opinions that can enhance their own work-life and professional acumen. We don’t guest blog for product-promotions or sales-y topics. You can leave that bit to our team when we announce our own product updates. :)

It’s taken us years of efforts to build trust and confidence in our customers’ (and readers’) minds. We would never want to risk hampering this bond by pushing products or services that we don’t believe in or that which we haven’t used ourselves. Besides, it’s common knowledge that being focused on self-promotion only harms your reputation as a blog and builds distrust amongst audiences, irrespective of whether you’re an expert in the business you’re promoting.

We will encourage you to focus on showcasing your expertise/experiences/knowledge/educational information, rather than your products/services. Today, people value authentic and genuinely written content more than ‘sales pitches’. Of course, we would be happy to connect our audience with your services/products through official introductions, whenever it’s appropriate.

Here are some tips to help you be a good guest blogger. You can consider these as our prerequisites when accepting guest blogging opportunities:

Important Note & Disclaimer: sumHR reserves the right to control, edit and modify your guest blogging submissions as may be deemed necessary for the benefit of our readers. If you follow the above guidelines to the T, we are less likely to make any major edits.

How our guest blogging process works

Below, we have tried to outline a broad flow of activities that will come into effect if you’re interested in blogging with us.

Disclaimer for Backlinks

Generally we do not provide link-back on guest blogs. However, if the content on the link is relevant not only to the content of the blog post but also resonates with our product/business goals, then we may provide a no-follow link.

In some cases, as an exception, we may provide a ‘do follow’ link as well, subject to content relevancy and domain authority of the link. In these cases, it’s mandatory for link-back to us on a similarly relevant page/blog-post.

Additionally we’ll allow up to a maximum of two backlinks per blog post. Approval of backlinks is subject to relevancy and guidelines mentioned above.

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