For any company, employees are the most valuable asset. From helping bosses to reach their goals to forming a wonderful environment to work in, it becomes important to give back to them in form of gift, kind or great ideas.

This giving back is also termed as ‘Employee Appreciation’ 

Employee Appreciation or Staff Appreciation is a term where the management or the representatives of the management known as Human Resource (HR) takes some steps to ensure and give back to its employees some kind of appreciation to ensure:

  • Increased Employee Productivity
  • Encourage Employee Participation and
  • Motivate and inspire other working employees

Here are few employee appreciation ideas that one can use for employees:

  1. Offer employees a platform

    Sometimes all an employee wants is to be heard. Let your employees speak about an issue or give a suggestion to an ongoing situation in the company. Ensure that employees get a platform to raise their voice if they feel they have a better solution for the same.

  2.  Ensure employee participation in IMPORTANT decision-making

    One of the way to make an employee a part of your company is to include them in decisions which affect a major working of your organisation. This in a way will make them feel in power and more responsible towards the organisation.

  3. Surprise them

    A sudden half day or surprise treats never hurt anyone! Give employees a ‘happy’ shock to elevate their moods!

  4. Time off.

    Let your employees get more then needed time off. If they get off at 7 sometimes ask them to wrap their work by 5 and give them extra breather to do something else!

  5. Encourage Feedback

    Part of employee appreciation is helping them grow in their field of choice. It is profitable to both the management and the employee looking for growth to have a valuable ‘talk’ about the work!

  6. Make social media your weapon

    If a appreciation in front of 5 people can make someone smile, imagine what appreciation in front of 500+ people can do! A simple social media post about someone’s achievement can show how much you care about the employee as well have an indirect PR of your company.

  7. Birthday Celebrations

    Celebrate the special day of your employee in a place he stays longer than home. You can ensure that he will love this gesture and remember it for a lifetime.

  8. Hand-written ‘Thank you’ cards

    An e-card is surely tech-savy but handwritten employee appreciations will never go out of style. A beautifully signed letter would surely light up mood of your employee and your respect in the eyes of the organisation.

  9. Support their dreams

    Know someone who is passionate about singing? Take some time to know their singing class schedule or pay some percentage of their classes fees and let them attend their classes and give wings to their dreams. This would ensure gratitude towards the organisation allowing to go an extra mile for you.

  10. Suggestion Boxes

    Sometimes some employees don’t open up very soon about their needs and wants, a suggestion box helps in letting people put in their inputs anonymously and let them heard!

  11. Let Board Games make some way!

    The most easiest way to keep your employees fresh and their mind sharp is to introduce some board games in your break room. Let them fight it out with a game of chess or ludo and get them back with a refreshed mind!

  12. Flexible Parental Leaves

    Management has to understand the fact that the people are more then employees of your organisation. They are some one’s father or mother and thus it should feasible leaves for their children’s activities can be given. This in turn shows how much you value and appreciate your employee.

  13. Direct Contact

    This technique would be best for startup organisations or someone organisation who uses a startup approach where you should be directly in touch with your team members and communicate your idea. If you are in a much bigger organisation being in direct contact with your immediate juniors can ensure that your juniors take your example and carry it forward.

  14. Say it with flowers

    Nothing beats by being welcomed on your desk with a bouquet of flowers with complete gratitude.

  15. Celebrate company milestones

    Did an employee finish one year with you? Gift them something and let them know they are appreciated and wanted in the organisation for a long haul.

Because they say,

A great employee is rare. Hard to find to, lucky to have!

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