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Shift management & Weekly-off planner

Shift management can be quite a task if you're juggling with multiple different shifts across various departments and timezones. Use our powerful shift planner tools to establish a routine, set a schedule and create a balanced distribution of workforce across days, timeslots, and weekly-offs, to keep productivity plus momentum going. Even if you've made mistakes and wrongly assigned shifts in the past, you don't need to break sweat about it. When we say 'powerful' we mean it! Make restrospective changes to mold your shift plan as per your requirements.

Single shift (day or night)

This is where it all begins. A popular and common requirement for most organizations is the plain old day-shift or may be even night shift, without too many frills. This forms one of the most fundamental features of our Shift Planner.

Bulk shift assignments

Shift management gets easy - with tens or even hundreds of employees, you'll need superpowers to view, sort and assign shifts to many at once. We're giving you this superpower with our magic filters and powerful bulk-assignment options, delegate shifts en masse.

Retrospective shift changes

Time machines don't exist but how we wish they did, no? When it comes to making changes or corrections to the shifts gone by, we've got a time-machine for you that will not only change shifts but execute policies also retrospectively.

Essential features
Single day multi-shifts

Things can get complicated when juggling single day multi-shift cycles, that's why we've built this flexibility! You can create break-shifts (as some call it) that span across a single day but work as separate small shifts.


If you offer flexibility for employees a flexible shift cycle, this is a perfect option for you. Simply set your start-time and let us handle the rest. Employees will have full flexibility to start or end their day, anytime after that point.

Back-up shifts

Having something to fall back on, is always a very reassuring thing. We've set up a default shift that serves as a backup plan for any employee who hasn't been assigned a shift for any particular day, ensuring no one is missed.

Future shift rostering

Tailor shift assignments for future dates by simply moving the calendar forward, as much in advance as you like. If you've got a planner in you, we've got the tools to help. Not just one, now you can stay many steps ahead.

Multiple weekly off combinations

We know with experience that organizations like yours have different weekly offs for every department but lack the tools to manage them. Why compromise? With us, you can configure unlimited week off combinations, for one or many employees.

Unused weekly off credits

If some of your employees turn up to work on weekly offs voluntarily or because of a surge in workload, you can allow them to accumulate their unused weekly-offs as credits for usage in future. All you need to do is approve.

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