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Leave Policy Configurations

Implementing leave policies that not only incorporate management objectives but also employee's expectations, is one of the most difficult responsibilities of an HR Team. We understand this very well. Hence, when building the leave policy feature, we had two goals - one, to give you ample flexibility to balance both sides of the bargain, and two, ensure the rules take care of themselves. The result? A highly configurable leave policy engine that, we believe, is (arguably) the most comprehensive leave management system you'll ever see.

50+ leave policy rules

Rules are important, especially when it comes to leaves. Accruals, pro-rating, carrying forward unused leaves, usage limits, and what not. With the 50+ rules at your disposal, you may run out of preferences but you'll never be out of options.

Set usage limits

Giving leaves is great but to give them without any reasonable conditions can be risky, no? Bring some sensible control on leave applications with usage limits with many variables like employment type, probations or even notice period.

Automate leave accruals

Pro-rating leave credits is one side of the coin. Crediting the actual leave balance is the other side. Use this feature to plan leave accruals on Monthly, Quarterly or Bi-annual basis, time it according to your preference.

Limit past & future applications

Many companies allow leave applications for past or future dates, quite flexibly. But it wouldn't make sense to back-date or future date applications endlessly, right? Use a leave management system who's nifty and intelligent options keep this flexibility reasonable.

Carry forward & encashments

Every year when your leave cycle ends there's bound to be many who've not fully utilized their leave balance. Use our powerful leave carrying forward features, put a process in place with encashment rules or fixed/percentage values.


Generosity helps to create a good work environment, don’t you agree? Promote kindness amongst your employees by letting them gift their excess leave balance to those in need. Of course, you can always set limits and allow on approval.

Essential features
Monthly/annual leave allotments

Some companies prefer monthly disbursals of leaves while some allot it annually. We know there will be industry standards and company's preferences determining these preferences. Hence, you'll always have the option to choose one or the other.

Leaves by gender, type & more

In several cases, you may wish to create leaves that are specifically designed for a gender or particular type of employee (like consultants, probationers, etc.). If you're looking for segmentation, you'll like this option your leave management system provides.

Pro-rate leaves

Forget about calculators or excel sheet templates to pro-rate leave calculations for employees. We've cooked up detailed pro-rating rules that let you pro-rate leaves by employment tenure, date of joining or even probation!

Sandwich leaves

Notice employees falling sick exactly before or after weekly offs? It’s not always a coincidence, is it? To avoid misuse of paid leaves, configure penalties of additional deductions when applied next to or in-between holidays/weekly-offs.

Leave clubbing & over-utilization

If you’re not okay with employees clubbing two different types of leaves together, you can put some restrictions around this. Ensure there's no mischief or extended periods of leave, by putting a barrier of clubbing them.

Leave cycle transitions

New years are fun but can be chaotic for leave trackers. Expect requests for adjustments and forgotten leave applications for the year gone by. Use our "Annual leave transition plans" to create a buffer period to allow for a smooth transition.


Sometimes the workload gets the better of your managers and sometimes they're just plain lazy. Use automatic approval/rejection features to act after a few days of indecision. Free yourself from endless follow-ups and unnecessary bottlenecks.

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