Top 14 Executive Search Firms in India

Top Executive Search Firms in IndiaThe one ritualistic phenomenon undertaken by every other company under the sun is that of recruiting the right candidate for the job. Meticulously structured protocols are laid down, resources are gathered and online portals are scavenged for the perfect fit. Basically, the HR executive’s life goes for a toss every time a new recruit is desired. Recruiting, staffing and training are no less of a Herculean task! Amidst all other operations and deadlines within the company, these tasks can be easily overlooked or done shabbily. Solution to this? The advent of executive search firms, a third-party, dedicated and time-efficient answer to your recruitment and staffing endeavors; tailor-made to your needs.
Top executive search firms function by helping companies not only with their recruitment needs but also training of professionals and other personnel induction programs. Similar to one of our previous articles about top HR companies in India, we have yet another exclusive list.

With that background, here’s a list of the top 14 executive search firms (in alphabetical order):

1) ABC Consultants

ABC ConsultantsKey People:
B P Agrawal – Chairman
Shiv Agrawal – MD
Founded: 1969

With a tagline that says, “A million results are useless unless you find the One that makes your search worthwhile”, ABC Consultants have been building careers and organizations for over 40 years. They have three sister concerns namely HeadCount, FlexAbility and HeadHonchos, each recruiting across different business verticals. ABC Consultants proved their executive search prowess by stepping out of their comfort zone when an upcoming music producer needed a marketing head to carry out networking. Although the said profile was way out of their usual operations, ABC took the challenge head on.

2) Accord India

Accord IndiaKey People:
Sonal Agrawal – Managing Partner, India
Founded: N/A

A boutique retained executive search firm, Accord specializes in CXO and specialist searches. The exec search firm is also AESC certified. It has operations in Bombay, Delhi and Bangalore with services ranging from diversity searches, forensic due diligence, career transition services and market mapping services.

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If you’d wish for this list of top executive search firms to be more comprehensive, let us know in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: This list has been compiled as per our research tools and there was no third party involvement. It should be taken as a mere guideline only.

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