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2 September 2016
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Product Enhancement: Break-Time Tracking Attendance Policy sildenafil 100 mg preise

4 August 2015
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Update for sumHR’s Online Leave Management System: Unpaid Leave Type

1 June 2015
sumHR updates
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Why the service tax increase won’t affect our customers

14 April 2014
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Why VCs Don’t Invest in HR Companies

1 April 2014
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sumHR update: Payroll, Comp-off, Account Page, Automatic Division Of Paid/Unpaid Leaves

27 September 2013
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sumHR Update: Multiple Attendance Reports, Enhanced Directory, and Upgraded Technology

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21 May 2013
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sumHR Latest Bug Fixes & Enhancements: Now More Power to Admins & New Accrual Options

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20 May 2013
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Understanding and Using sumHR: Dedicated Support Center for HR Software Users

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24 April 2013
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Major Product Enhancements to Attendance, Leaves, Calendar and Org Structure

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27 December 2012
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New Look & Enhancements: Add Business Units & Define Permissions at a Granular Level

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5 November 2012
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Employee Data Management Becomes Easy: Now Download All Employee Data from sumHR

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1 November 2012
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Importance of HR Software & Employee Leave Management Systems

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25 October 2012
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How To Retain Employees: 5 Useful & Innovative Ways

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22 October 2012
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Performance Appraisal: What HR Should Know

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3 October 2012
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HR Management: How to Tackle Different Types of Employee Personalities

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1 October 2012
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HR Software: Big Acquisitions & What Startups/SMBs Can Do for HRMS

5 September 2012
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Moving HR Management from Spreadsheets to HR Software: For Startups/SMBs

3 September 2012
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Startups & SMBs: Why an MBA Degree isn’t Important for Being a Leader

24 August 2012
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Bulk Import Attendance for All Employees, Export Details, and Edit Attendance

HR Management: In-house Leadership Development for Startups & SMBs

Quite often, it is said that organizations should look for leaders rather than managers. This is true for startups and small businesses too. Agreed that the onus of the leader in a small company usually falls on the founder/owner, but in order to scale up, especially when the company’s headcount is expanding, leaders are needed […]

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