sumHR is a contemporary product that imbibes modern design principles focusing on minimalism and user centricity.

Traditionally, HRM software have been known to feature clunky interfaces and give users a drab feeling. At sumHR, we are on a mission to make a product that’s refreshing to the core and is easy-to-use. Our user experience philosophy is based on : DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) and KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) .
We believe that users should be able to intuitively navigate sumHR without any hesitation, and in the least amount of clicks required.


Modern organizations encourage transparency in communication and sumHR’s visual style does just that, thanks to its clean design. Our focus on human-centric interface reflects in the minimalist, icon-based layout that allows for better and efficient interaction.


For an HRM software, usability plays an important role since all the stakeholders of an organization actively use it. The human brain is designed to identify patterns and this was central to our efforts when designing sumHR’s interface.


sumHR HR software is an enabling tool that should serve its purpose efficiently and quickly. Our design philosophy imbues just that. We want users to achieve what they want by taking the minimum number of steps required.

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