How to Setup Company Social Media Policy for Employees

Employee Social Media PolicyA social media policy for employees, especially in startups and SMBs, should be the one that covers all grounds. All employees should follow it to avoid legal, ethical, and other such blunders.

Here are a few ways how you can setup a company social media policy for employees:

Set up technical norms
Set up a list of rules that adhere to legal ethics, religious / political sensitivity, vulgarity, discretions regarding client and company private matters, etc. Hire professional legal help if you need to and make sure you have an all-points bulletin.

Sensitive issues
Whether it is current affairs, religion, race, politics or sensitive issues of the past, steer clear of them. Train your employees to not mention sensitive issues on social media sites. If they need to, instruct them to ask for your approval before publication of any sort.

Address the rules
Especially to the new employees, the rules should be addressed. Orientation about the rules they have to follow is a must. This will help them tailor their work in accordance with these norms. So, ensure you address the rules in your company social media policy for employees.

Focus on clients
Every client will probably have a different set of wants and rules. Whenever there is a new client or a new site your employee has to work with, send out a memo outlining the new rules. While one client may prefer apples, the other may prefer oranges. Teach your employees that every client is different and so are their wants.

Avoid self-opinion
Train your employees to focus on the brand and the message needed to be conveyed on social media. Using the employee social media policy, guide them to write based on requirements and not opinions. This will probably help avoid any future controversy.

Be respectful
The employee social media policy should prepare an employee to be respectful of people’s emotions, to respect the client’s wants etc. If they are respectful of such things, it will be easier for them to do honorable work.

These criteria should be kept in mind while framing company social media policy to conduct better employee management.

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