Onboarding & exit checklists, multi-purpose helpdesks

Make your entire employee life cycle, special

Create a memorable employee onboarding process for your new hires, with collaborative checklists. Improve communication between employees & operations teams using a helpdesk, and bring transparency in your work culture with a policy centre.

Create unique onboarding & offboarding experiences

Every department may have unique tasks in its employee onboarding process. Team introductions, collecting documents, connecting managers, training videos, employee handbooks, employee forms, or links to company resources – bring it all together for your new hires. Make off-boarding pleasant and frictionless, reduce paperwork and improve the exit process. Employee onboarding software doesn’t have to be boring, add smiles to your employee onboarding program and exit process too.


Checklists: your swiss knife for many HR processes

Use checklists for successful employee onboarding, seamless training process, and exit workflow automation. Ideal tool for midsize businesses, our checklist module can turn mundane tasks into interesting lists on a mobile-friendly platform. Create custom workflows and unique checklists for your critical business operations using our employee onboarding software for a seamless experience. Make an onboarding kit – documents, CEO’s message, links, videos, and more. Instead of endless documents, create unlimited checklists for a variety of other HR processes like

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Support employees with confidence

For HR teams, employees are the customers. Use a Helpdesk to offer professional HR support at scale. Let employees raise tickets, assign an HR rep to handle them and see their performance in resolving employee issues. It’s time to take care of your employees, with swift service and strong HR support.

Multi-purpose helpdesks: IT, Finance & Travel support

Not just employee self-service, productive employees also require responsive HR & IT support. You can streamline your operational departments to improve employee performance and reduce the obstacles in average employee lifecycles by creating multiple helpdesks on our software where employees can raise tickets.

For example:


Bring clarity and awareness with a Policy Center

New hires or old, everybody from your employee databases will have questions about HR policies. Now you can provide incoming employees with a centralized view of all company policies (HR or other types), using our simple onboarding software. You can upload PDF files with a detailed description of every policy and choose exactly which policy is meant for which team or department. Make it easy for employees to find the right information about your businesses and improve employee engagement too. What’s more, sumHR’s intelligent policy-maker converts all your software configurations into employee-friendly FAQs.


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