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Currency, Fuel & Mileage Configurations

A majority of expense claims often come from work travel requirements on the job. Most heavy expenses are from business trips while the frequent ones are from daily travel routines in jobs like sales or client servicing. We've kept this in mind to ensure you get the flexibility to allow multi-currency expense claims and the control to define fuel and mileage rates, so that you can keep your expense management budget in check.

Multi-currency expense claims

Have you been asking employees to send claims after converting back to your home-currency? If yes, your employees will thank you for this feature because now they can claim in the actual currency they used for an expenditure.

Conversion to base currency

Got teams traveling to different countries for work? You or your employees don't need to worry about converting everything back to home currency. All claims in any currency are automatically converted back to home currency.

Fuel rates by distance/volume

Some companies prefer settling travel expense based on distance covered while some take the fuel mileage method. Whichever category your company falls in, we've got the options for you. Try both and see which fits best for your company.

Essential features
Control conversion rates

With currency rates constantly fluctuating, it can be risky to go with market fluctuations when settling expense claims. To safeguard your expenditures from these fluctuations, we give you complete control over currency conversion rates.

Latest foreign exchange rates

To help you defining and updating your company's expense policy with regards to currency conversions, view the latest/updated foreign exchanges rates within your account to quickly updates policies, whenever required.

Audit logs on conversion rate changes

Even if you have multiple administrators involved in your expense management policy, our audit logs will ensure you can keep track every policy change taking place in your account, showing you who changed what & when.

Multiple fuel types

If your employees use different varieties of vehicles, your expense claims will be able to adapt to the variabilities. You can configure different rates for all types of fuel like Petrol, Diesel, CNG & and Electric.

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