Product Update: 28 New Features Ending 2014 with a Bang!

As 2014 draws to a close, you may be making plans on how to end it but whatever your party plans, we’ve decided to end it with a BANG! 🙂

We’ve been in hibernation (on the blog) since 2 months – but – that doesn’t mean we weren’t at it. Here’s a consolidated product update for all you, I’m sure it will make your New Year “Happier”.

(this is going to be a long list, so brace yourselves)

MORE POWER TO PAYROLL (6 new features)

Couple of months ago, we released some major payroll features including our revolutionary Run Payroll process. In keeping with our aim to completely change the way you look at “Payroll Software“, here’s a new set of features which have just gone live.
1. Bulk Payroll Assignments – we’ve launched a dedicated page for viewing/editing a consolidated summary of all payroll assignments/details for each employee in your company, this info includes, the CTC amount, Salary Structures assigned, Bank details, PAN number, PF, ESIC, etc.
2. Upgraded Salary Slips – Add Office Location and Bank Details of the Employees in their salary slips.
3. Consolidated Annual Salary Slip (YTD Salary Slip) – Employees/you can download this Annual Salary slip, which will have the entire year’s salary information in a consolidated fashion.
4. Labour Welfare Fund – We’ve also added an option for you to include deduction for the LWF in each employee’s salary.
5. Bulk Upload Extra Payments – Upload multiple extra payments for different employees, all at one-go!
6. Employee Master Report – Comprehensive data filled Employee Master Report with payroll information included.


Attendance has been one of our fundamental features, a module which is most heavily used by all our customers. It’s often been at the center of a bulk of our upgrades, and this time too, we’ve got a slew of new features released for time management.
1. Displaying Actual Punch Times in Requests – In order to give managers more clarity and information at their disposal, we’ve now included the “Actual” clock-in/out (punch-in/out) times of employees in their Attendance Update Requests.
2. Quick Toggles to Employee Attendance Pages – Move from one employee’s Attendance/Leaves page to another, in one click.
3. ON/OFF Switch for Reminders – We’ve also enabled a quick ON/OFF switch to send out Clock-in reminders (for late comers) and Absent reminders (for missing people).
4. Quick View for IP Restrictions – Easily see which employee has been assigned which IP networks, when you visit their attendance pages.
5. Clock-in Request via Email Actions – Receive/approve/decline “Clock-in Requests” via email too!
6. View Location of Each Day’s Attendance – On the employee’s attendance logs page, you’ll now also be able to see each day’s location, whether he/she clocked attendance from office, out-duty or home.
7. View Attendance Assignments for Each Day’s Attendance – View the exact attendance assignments like Shifts/Policies/WeeklyOff of the employee had for each particular day.
8. One-Click Regularization – a magic button to regularize the employee’s missing attendance data, as per standard shift assigned – all in one click.


We’ve added some useful features in the leave features as well – especially useful with the “year end” HR policies like Leave Encashment.
1. Leave Encashment Policy Rules – Automatically save the remaining/pending leave balances of employees eligible for leave encashment, and store it in the reports for your ready reference.
2. Leave Encashment Report – View/download the leave encashment reports from the Reports section as well.

BRAND NEW DESKTOP APPLICATION (Biometric/RFID integration) (5 new features)

We’ve launched a brand new desktop application, much simpler, easier and prettier than ever before. What’s more, it comes power packed with one-click installation and setup too! Features of the new biometric app are below:
1. New Design – the new app has been designed keeping high focus on user-friendliness and automation as top priority.
2. One-click installation – the new biometric app can be installed in one-click, no hassles of patching, copy-pasting etc.
3. Auto-Sync and Custom-Sync – Our sync app will remain in your system tray, running in the background, syncing attendance logs from your biometric/RFID device in real-time basis.
4. Auto-Reconnect – app will auto-reconnect every few minutes checking for the internet to come back online (if it’s offline), and continue syncing from where it left.
5. Overnight Shift Tracking – We’re ready to handle all overnight shifts you may have!


To be honest with you, reimbursements have been a slightly neglected module so far. But in the coming weeks we’re going to revamp the entire Reimbursements Module, step by step. Starting with…
1. Reimbursement Reports – walk into your Reports section and you’ll be able to now download 4 different types of reimbursement reports. (a) Pending Reimbursements (b) Approved Reimbursements (c) Compensated Reimbursements and (d) Rejected Reimbursements.

EVEN ‘COOLER’ STREAMS (3 new features)

1. Last modified message on top – as soon as any message in streams is updated (edit, like, reply, tag, etc.), it will get priority and appear on top of your streams time-line, just like it works on facebook.
2. Option to select year for Events – Now you also get the option to select the year, when defining the date while scheduling an event in streams.
3. Archive/Unarchive Groups – As the owner of a group, or the Admin, you can archive any group and it’ll seize to exist in active mode for any of it’s members.


Few other things which may be noticeable are:
1. Payment Gateway integrations – For the Indian customers, we’ve set up the Payu Money payment gateway system, perhaps the most fastest growing and reliable payments partner in India. And for the International customers, we’ve set up the SaaSy system from
2. System Email branding – Every email that goes out to your employees, will now show your COMPANY NAME as “From” and “Signature”.
3. Daily Digest Email – On popular demand, we’ve also launched a Daily-Digest email which will give each employee a summary of important things related to him/her, like Pending Requests, Colleagues on Leave, Birthdays this week, Anniversaries this week, etc.

Phew! Yes, this was a long list. If you’ve managed to reach this section of the post already, thank you so much for reading through it all, we love you too! 🙂

For us, 2015 is going to be a year of reckoning, a year filled with new challenges and some very exciting opportunities. And for you, we’ve lined up some big, major, crazy upgrades – Swanky new User-Interface (coming next), Performance Review/Appraisal System (coming up), Recruitment Management (coming soon) and much more!

Stay tuned and fasten your seat belts! From all of us here @ sumHR, wish you a rocking new year ahead – Happy New Year!

Jay Thaker

Jay is the Chief \”Go-To\” Officer at sumHR. He spearheads sales, support, product management and all things \”creative\”. Before this, he\’s worked in the startup teams at Burrp! and He loves writing whenever he gets the chance. Most often his writing will talk about sumHR, startups, leadership, motivation, inspiration and of course, HR best practices.

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