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Boost Efficiency With Our Payroll Management System

Get AAA rating for your payroll process: Automatic payroll calculations, accurate tax compliances & always on time. Our cloud-based free payroll software will reduce payroll chaos and deliver timely salary payments, for all sizes of business.

Set Up Payroll with 5 clicks & in 5 minutes

Complicated Indian payroll taxes can make even basic payroll activities difficult. All business owners want a reliable payroll team and the right payroll tools in their organizations, right? Using decades of payroll knowledge we have covered every aspect of payroll in our payroll software so that processing payroll takes minutes (not days) and you can pay employees on time! Automate your payroll processing with sumHR

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    Payroll in 5 clicks, payslips in 5 minutes -
    Our research shows that if you've got attendance, TDS decisions and variable payments in place, all you need is 5 clicks in our free payroll software to generate those pretty payslips.
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    Save payroll in drafts, continue later
    Don't throw away your adjustment efforts. Simply save your incomplete payroll run in drafts, and return to it when you're ready.
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    Skip attendance & speed up payroll in our payroll software -
    Lack of complete attendance data often becomes a roadblock in preparing for salary processing, but not with sumHR. If you're in a hurry and attendance doesn't matter to your organization, skip it and achieve your payroll goals.
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    Trial payroll before the finale
    We know how nervous one can be on payroll day. To reduce your stress and improve your payroll performance, we've made special provisions in our payroll software to run payroll trials before the P-day. Test-drive your payroll process before you make the final run.

Payroll unshackled and compliances tackled

Reduce your compliance risk and streamline your entire payroll cycle without the usual challenges in payroll. We’ll tackle complex payroll problems with accurate tax deductions so that you can avoid compliance penalties as your business scales. With sumHR’s Payroll Management Solution you can expect error-free payroll calculations and a stress-free payroll process.

Customizable payroll components

Unlimited salary structures, unlimited salary components

One of the most important payroll tasks is designing salary structures for all employees. The hallmark of our online payroll software is the flexibility to define unlimited income and deduction components making it as good as a custom payroll software for you. All size of businesses and business types have special payroll requirements and our adept free cloud-based payroll software in India can cater to every organization.

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    Multi-company payroll management -
    A unique and rare facility that most other payroll software don't provide you with - the option to run payroll for multiple companies. Yes, one account and as many companies, run payroll smoothly and independently.
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    Unlimited configurable salary structures
    A power that every payroll manager dreams of - the ability to create their own salary structures, and no limit on the number of structures they can create. Configure every aspect of the salary and design structures exactly like you require.
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    Flexible payroll calculation methods
    Payroll management is all about variations and each company looks at it differently. Whether you go the CTC (Cost to Company) way, or prefer Gross Pay uploads, or even a "Proration Upload" - no matter what's your methodology, we've got your back.
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    Customizable payroll components -
    If, in the rare case, you don't find the exact salary component you're looking for (highly unlikely, but still) then you can always custom-create your own salary components and configure them as formula based or fixed values.
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    Automate or customize PF calculations
    EPFO has already defined certain norms for companies to follow when including PF (provident fund) contributions in their payroll, but you can choose to either go with the norms or customize your PF contributions on employee and employer side.
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    TDS calculations, automated
    Throw out the calculators and no need to keep spreadsheet templates for income tax calculations. Sit back and relax as we take care of your payroll TDS (tax deducted at source) calculations on-the-fly, instantly.

IT declarations made easy, saving payroll taxes easier

With employee self-service, empower them to declare or submit proofs of their tax-saving investments. Our online payroll solution reduces your payroll staff’s workload and improves employee’s payroll tax filings, making the payroll process pleasant for them as well!

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    IT compliant Investment limits -
    We don't want your payroll team to rely on random websites to confirm investment limits in specific sections of the IT act. sumHR comes pre-configured with investment limits that comply with the prevailing IT acts, to keep you error free.
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    IT Declaration & submission time-window
    Set a clearly defined IT declaration and submission time-window to ensure employees have enough time to make their declarations or submit their proofs. We'll handle the automatic opening and closing of options, you don't have to worry about it.
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    Proof submission approval workflows -
    Payroll & HR teams spend hundreds of hours every year sorting through innumerable emails/paperwork to review investment proofs or file them for compliance. Not any more! sumHR's smooth and seamless proof-submission workflows make it a breeze.

Support employees in need with loans and salary advances

Being present when employees need you the most can have a huge impact on businesses. Use sumHR’s free payroll software to manage loan/advance salary disbursement to manage Payroll payments and HR with our all in one HRMS.

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    Loan eligibility and prerequisites -
    Set prerequisites and eligibility criteria for granting loans to employees and ensure only deserving ones receive the loan. This will assist your payroll team stay in-line with your company's policy on employee loans.
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    Conversion to base currency
    Often there will be requests from employees to settle partial or even full loan amounts before the tenure expires. If you face this situation, sumHR will take care of automatically adjusting the EMI values accordingly.
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    Reducing/Flat interest calculations -
    Whether your Payroll policy outlines an employee-friendly Reducing Interest method or if your company has chosen the conventional Flat Interest method, we've got the options to execute your decision. Though, we hope you choose the former.
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    Cut-short repayment schedule -
    Help out employees when they're vulnerable by extending their loan repayment tenures. On the other hand, if they're comfortable you can even cut-it-short to reduce the repaymen schedule, and revise employee loan closing dates.

Variable pay or OT, make extra payments without extra efforts

Whether you’re driving performance with incentives, paying overtime after attendance tracking, or sharing happiness in the form of bonuses, our payroll software can handle a variety of extra payments with a payroll option in simple steps and take care of extra deductions (penalties, perhaps?) within a few clicks.

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    Variable calculations -
    We understand that variable payments can be of many types and will most likely vary from one business to another. This is why, we give you the flexibility to create variable pay structures on % based formulas or on fixed value system too.
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    Different deductions -
    For special situations, you may want to impose extra deductions to an employee's payroll, may be for damage recovery to IT assets. Well, whatever the situation, you can freely add extra deductions individually or in bulk.
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    Variable release dates  -
    Some teams go on a monthly variable payout, and some on quarterly basis. Whatever is your need for different departments, we've created the flexibility - monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly and even payout dates on specific months only.
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    Tax liability switch -
    While adding extra payments to employee's payroll, you can also choose to make this payment taxable or leave it out of tax liability. It totally depends on the type of extra payment and your reason for giving it.

Flexible Benefits Plan (FBP): give flexibility, get loyalty

The best way to help employees make more money is by helping them save it. Most teams fear implementing FBPs because of the efforts involved. We’ve removed the efforts, so that you can make employees happier. A little flexibility can lead to a lot of loyalty.
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    Unlimited Flexible Benefit Plans -
    Create employee-friendly Flexible Benefit Plan (FBPs), easily and quickly. Simply select a group of allowances/components that employees can pick from, these will automatically take effect on their salary structure.
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    FBP dashboard for employees -
    On this page, employees can submit their bills and memos in support of their FBP allowances, every month/quarterly/half-yearly or yearly.
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    Automatic tax benefit calculations -
    We will automatically calculate tax exemptions, once you approve employee's bill submissions against their FBPs. If bills fall short of their maximum benefit limits, unclaimed amount will automatically be included in taxable income.
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    Set FBP bill submission cut-off date -
    No fun in giving FBPs if there's no time flexibility in availing these benefits. That's why we give you the power to set your own submission cut-off dates, so that you can plan verification drives or re-submission windows accordingly.

Full & Final settlement policies

Part ways with employees gracefully, without leaving any financial ambiguity. Avoid incorrect tax deductions at exit using our F&F settlement policies. Ensure complete clarity for uncomplicated exit payroll processing.

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    Separation policies -
    Create any number of F&F settlement policies which can be applied on employees in group or individually. Choose specific payroll rules during separation with regards to notice period, leave encashment and gratuity.
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    Partial payment of F&F -
    In case your organization prefers, you can continue salary payments via regular payroll process during notice period and only withhold the payroll for exit-month (month of exit-date). Some companies call this partial F&F settlement.
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    Leave encashment at exit -
    Many companies compensate employees for unused leave balance at the time of exit. If your payroll policies require this option, you need to look no further. Simply switch it on in your separation policy and we'll take care of the rest.
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    Gratuity accrual in F&F -
    Gratuity calculations can get quite confusing, especially during exit scenarios, but not with us. If you've enabled gratuity in your separation policy, we can auto-calculate gratuity payable at the time of exit.

Payroll Outsourcing: Off-load your burdens to us

Payroll management for businesses of any size can be a mentally tiresome activity especially if the HR manager doesn’t have a payroll software solution. A list of companies has chosen us to take their payroll burden off so that they can focus on their people and while we process payroll and statutory filing for their businesses. The benefits of having salaries processed by experts far outweighs having a payroll department in-house.

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    Handle special cases separately -
    Payroll processes often require skippping or holding back some employees from regular payroll run. You can keep special cases aside (FnF or otherwise) and handle them via separate payroll runs, individually or even in bulk.
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