sumHR as your Payroll Outsourcing Business Partner

We are well into the 21st century now and we’ve seen a sea of changes in the way businesses work. The changes and improvements we see are not going to stop, they’re only going to get better. All these changes and technological advances have prompted businesses to thrive. They’re doing so by leveraging the right technology and services to be on top of their competitors and do very well in their own field.

But wait, what does the above actually mean?

Well, what I understand as one aspect of this change is that lean businesses would like to concentrate on their core profit centers. They outsource their non-core work to competent 3rd parties as and when possible. And if they haven’t already opted for this method, it’s probably high time they do.

For example: Monthly payroll processing, being a non-core activity, can be easily outsourced to a responsible 3rd party. YES, this statement is the premise of my blog post.

Why would you outsource your monthly payroll processing?

There are distinct advantages to argue for either method of processing payroll of your employees.

In-house payroll system:

1)      Direct control (to help you sleep at night)

2)      Data privacy (perceived, rather than real – most times)

3)      Maintain multiple data internally via software or manual means (Manual? These days? You gotta be kidding. There’s sumHR for that! 😊)

Outsourcing payroll processing:

On top of the 3 points mentioned above, you also get to-

1)      Concentrate on core business and save time, effort, and resources

2)      Be on top of latest statutory changes, leverage best technology and best expertise

3)      Reduce costs and risks

Now that the initial differences are done with, let’s look at what sumHR can do for you – as a business owner, as an HR Manager/Head, as an Accounts Manager/Head, etc.

sumHR as your In-house HR Software Business Partner:

We at sumHR have built an HR Information System that is delivered over the cloud via a SaaS platform. We’re mainly aimed at organizations who would like to setup, maintain, automate, and operate your HR activities and processes in-house. It’s not just about payroll.We know you’d also want to ensure that you have records of all your employees, a joining process, a method to assist in attendance and leaves, performance reviews, hiring, training, etc. And at sumHR, that is exactly what we deliver.

So, if in-house processing is your preference, do signup or call us and we will be happy to arrange a FREE DEMO at a convenient time.

Make sumHR as your Payroll Outsourcing Business Partner

sumHR as your Payroll Outsourcer AND HR Software Business Partner:

Now, this is something we have always wanted to do. Mostly because customers ask us time and time again to help them with a good payroll processor. We have been doing (without advertising the fact) payroll processing for a few of our clients for the past year. Now, we are confident and happy to announce the same to all our customers – existing and new.

From this June, customers can enjoy the dual advantage of picking up sumHR + Payroll processing in a single package. You can completely forget about having to hunt software and the associated services separately. We’ve got it all!

Services offered:

1)      sumHR Software – the core offering

2)      Payroll Outsourcing – supported by sumHR verified consultants

3)      Statutory Compliance – supported by sumHR verified consultants (PF/ESI/TDS/PT/Labor Laws)

4)      Tax Proof – Proof checking, Verification – supported by sumHR verified consultants

Are your interested? Sign up now!

A simple case study:







Customer – Bangalore based

Employee Count700+
LocationsAcross India – Major cities.
RequirementHR automation + Payroll outsourcing.
Pain AreasCTC based reimbursements, dynamic tax calculations based on bonuses and incentives, tax calculations, reports.
Earlier ProcessUsed a payroll software + 3rd party payroll outsourcer.
sumHR SolutionsumHR software + dedicated sumHR Payroll Manager.
sumHR Software UsageEmployee Profiles, Leaves, Attendance, Expense Claims, HR Drive, Performance Reviews, HR Analytics, MIS Reports and Streams.
Payroll Manager ActivitiesVerify input data – Leave & attendance, process new joiners, update CTC/salary revisions, bonuses & incentives, run payroll, generate salary register, provide bank statement, release payslips, provide tax reports.
Conclusion1 software + payroll processing = single point of contact, dedicated account manager and payroll manager. Smooth and effective salary processing month on month.

If you’d like to get a free 7-day trial of sumHR with a demo, call +91 92222 13195 or visit now!
The sumHR services plan is not just for the ‘larger’ customers but for ALL our customers. If you like this post and the services we offer, please leave your comments below and share with your colleagues and friends.

Note: Prices start from Rs.79/- PEPM for basic payroll processing along with software.

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