Opt for Payroll Outsourcing if you’re
-Lean businesses.
-Mid sized new age companies.
-SMEs.-Companies who have unique pay structures. (FBP, multiple types of bonus and incentives, etc)-Organizations who employ contract employees.
-Companies with daily wage requirements.
-And so on…The list is endless!
There is no hard and fast rule to opt for payroll outsourcing.
If you feel you do not want to get into the monthly calculations, you’re a prime candidate for this service. Entrust this activity to professionals whose only job is processing payroll and related activities.
Why it is necessary?
Not all of us are born with the innate capacity to run numbers in our heads. We may have the capability to learn but it may not be our core activity either. Running calculations on Excel or on a software platform is well and good. But who will verify and reconcile the data on a monthly and yearly basis? This is where we come in. Leave it to us and we will ensure that all payroll calculations are proper to the paisa.
Salient activities
- Assistance in structuring the CTC.
- Enabling Investment Declarations.
- Running Payroll.
- Manage Statutory Compliance.
- Returns Filing and Challan Generation.
- Income Tax Return Filing.
- IT Proofs Verification.
-Labor Laws.
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