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Variable Pay, Extra Payments, Overtime Calculations

A performance driven organization like yours would most likely have many ways to motivate employees to do better. One of the most common forms of motivations is money, of course, and if you're employing any strategies like variable payments (based on performance, or targets, revenues), % based incentives, lump sum bonus, and more - this section will be interesting to you. We provide options not just to add variable payments but also delegate management to team leaders and department heads.

Variable calculations

We understand that variable payments can be of many types and will most likely vary from one business to another. This is why, we give you the flexibility to create variable pay structures on % based formulas or on fixed value system too.

Variable management dashboards

Give managers the flexibility to supervise variable payouts in their teams. Define a variable management window (say, 10 days before payroll) during which they can take decisions - if approved, these variables are included in payroll.

Variety of extra payments

You never know when you'll get bouts of generosity to distribute a bonus to your employees, right? Well, for everything like incentives, overtime payments, leave encashments and more, you can add Extra Payments individually or even in bulk.

Different deductions

For special situations, you may want to impose extra deductions to an employee's payroll, may be for damage recovery to IT assets. Well, whatever the situation, you can freely add extra deductions individually or in bulk.

Essential features
Variable release dates

Some teams go on a monthly variable payout, and some on quarterly basis. Whatever is your need for different departments, we've created the flexibility - monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly and even payout dates on specific months only.

Fallback for unreleased variable

One nifty option in our variable management features is the ability to have fall-back actions in case there's no clear decision regarding a particular variable payout. If not approve, you can cancel or postpone/hold variable to future date.

Tax liability switch

While adding extra payments to employee's payroll, you can also choose to make this payment taxable or leave it out of tax liability. It totally depends on the type of extra payment and your reason for giving it.

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