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With sumHR, you can literally automate a lot of your routine HR letters and speed up most of your bulk-letter generation requirements.


Comprehensive letter library

Don’t search online or shuffle through old files & folders, now you have a ready-made library of templates to choose from. Just select the a relevant category based on what’s your requirement and pick the template you like.


Highly customizable templates

This is one of the most powerful features of our HR Letters functionality. Using from tens of employee data-points, you can insert variables into your letter templates to generate most personalized and customized letters ever!

Automate letter dispatching

Define routine rules (for eg. probation confirmations) for generating letters and let our us handle the rest. We’ll automatically create, sign and dispatch the letter into your employees letterbox, while you focus on more quality work.

Auto-generate letters on approval

Auto-generate letters on approval

If employees request for specific letters from your list, the letters will be automatically generated immediately upon approval. The HR team can focus on more priority work instead of getting bogged down in paperwork.

Popular features
Letter layout

If your company follows certain printing guidelines or you’re simply obsessed with ensuring perfect margins, fret not. We give you 3 presets to choose from, and the perfectionist in you can even customize the margins as you prefer.

Letter requesting workflow

Cut-out the bearacracy and enable employees to request for letters they require. This will not empower them with the list of letters they can request, but also reduce the burden on the HR team to keep track of letter requess.

Virtual signatures

Add real signature images to insert into your HR letters and even include a company stamp to strengthen the authenticity. This classic touch will make your HR letters appear like they’re practically scanned-copies of printed letters.

Essential features
Industry standard letter categories

To help you discover the right letters and also for better structure to your letter library, we have categorized letters based on most commonly observed industry requirements. What’s more, you can create your own categorization too!

Letterhead settings

You can easily upload your own letterhead image instead of using pre-printed letterhead papers. You can insert a header image and a footer image as well. Our system will ensure letter content remains within the letterhead/footer.

Unlimited Signatories

Distribute signing authorities to Department heads or Business Unit leaders, so that you can show appropriate folks’ signatues based on the purpose of the letter. Don’t bottleneck the letter signatures only yourself alone.

Digital signatures

We’re also planning to build various digital signature tools like e-Sign, SignEazy, and the likes, so that you integrate with the digital signature provider of your choice, and retain your company’s existing signature process.

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