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Indian payroll systems are very complicated. What’s worse, every state adds further variables to make it an even harder puzzle. Running payroll doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking, it can be enjoyable if you have sumHR by
your side.
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Payroll in 5 clicks, payslips in 5 minutes

If you’ve got your things in order, you can run payroll literally in minutes. Our research shows that if you’ve got attendance, TDS decisions and variable payments in place, all you need is 5 clicks in our payroll software to generate those pretty payslips.

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5f538b127b8067578dbb67a6_Save payroll in drafts, continue later

Save payroll in drafts, continue later

Got an urgent task or an important call to attendance while in the middle of a payroll run? Don’t throw away your adjustment efforts. Simply save your incomplete payroll run in drafts, and return to it when you’re ready.

Skip attendance & speed up payroll in our payroll software

Lack of complete attendance data often becomes a roadblock in preparing for payroll processes, but not with sumHR. If you’re in a hurry and attendance doesn’t matter to your organization, skip it and achieve your payroll goals.

5f538b12b95fb33b59b9ee3a_Trial payroll before the finale

Trial payroll before the finale

We know how nervous one can be on payroll day. To reduce your stress and improve your payroll performance, we’ve made special provisions in our payroll software to run payroll trials before the P-day. Test-drive your payroll process before you make the final run.

Popular features

Handle special cases separately

Payroll processes often require skipping or holding back some employees from regular payroll runs. You can keep special cases aside (FnF or otherwise) and handle them via separate payroll runs, individually or even in bulk.

Bulk Full-and-Final settlements

We make it effortless for you to deal with attrition payroll at scale. Process FnF (full and final) settlements in bulk, if you’ve got clear inputs in place. Go, complete your payroll goodbyes at speed and with a smile.

Hold / exclude employees from payroll

Don’t bother managers for minor bills and routine claims, let our automatic policy rules handle it for you. Settle frequent and low-risk expense claims with automatic approvals. Save time for managers, and improve employee satisfaction.

Essential features

Process payroll before due-date

Are you an early-starter? If yes, this is just the right option for you. You can not only run payroll in advance (a few days before due date) but also skip pending/undecided unpaid leaves (LOPs) and carry them forward to next month’s payroll.

Postpone payslip generation

Sometimes, you may want to run payroll right up to the last step but not generate the payslips. Maybe to share data with your CA (chartered account) or it’s a company policy, perhaps. Whatever the reason, you can safely postpone salary generation.

Ad hoc adjustments, on the fly

Feel free to make last minute adjustments without fear or frustration. Bring on the ad hoc adjustments for extra payments/deductions, tax changes, LOP/arrear edits and more, without the stress. Do it in bulk or individually.

Break down payroll in groups

For the Marie Kondo in you, we’ve got multiple grouping options so that you can process payroll in batches. Go by departments, by locations, or even by employee types. This can be especially advantageous to managing cashflows and improving accuracy.

Oops moment? Delete payroll in a jiffy

If you discovered a blunder or made an erroneous entry that ruined your payroll perfection, simply delete the payroll and we can all forget about it. If it’s only an error with a particular employee, you can delete specific salary slips too.

Process past payroll in the present
If required, you can skip payroll for specific employees in the regular run and come back to process it a month or two down the line. What’s better, irrespective of present/future changes, their past payroll implications remaining intact.
Missed payroll for recent joiners

Forgot to add an employee into your payroll process on time and realized after having processed salary slips already? Relax, it’s no big deal. Run retrospective payroll for specific employees, past-dated calculations will be taken care of.

Payroll dashboard

Get not just a bird’s eye view but a wholesome summary of your upcoming payroll. Gauge cashflow requirements or estimate tax liabilities well in advance so that you can run a swift and smooth payroll, like a boss!

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