Simple OKR Software for SMBs

Set your company on the path to success with OKR (Objectives and Key Results) driven missions. Identify strengths, potential skills, undiscovered challenges and track roadblocks with OKR software. Determine key results for all your company's objectives and let your managers/leaders do so for their teams too. Take baby steps towards achieving stars. 
Comprehensive dashboard
Bird's eye view of OKRs/goals across the company
Multi-level OKRs
Set objectives for departments, teams, individuals
Objectives by period
Annual, bi-annual, quarterly or even monthly OKRs, your call
Set goals for individuals
Define KRAs (Key Result Areas) to bring accountability

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per month/employee, billed annually
Define objectives & key-results, set monthly, quarterly or annual goals, measure progress.
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Set goals, monitor performance, achieve results - repeat!

Help employees list down their individual objectives, alongside, keep a running record of their progress and ensure things always remain on track. 
Goals by units
Money, leads, customers, candidates, and more
Track progress
Employees can update completion %, on the fly
Tasks, per key-result
Create checklist of tasks inside each key-result
Forecast results
Get a summarized view of on-track, at-risk goals
Measurable key results

Use our software for OKRs to Measure an employee's key results to identify how much they've achieved or fallen short. With us, you have ample options to measure things in a variety of ways, i.e. by completion %, money, leads, customers, candidates, or hires and more.

I am happy with the product! It is extremely user-friendly. The team is very supportive and dedicated. We appreciate their attention to detail to make our task easy and the efforts they are putting to make us clients happy.
Rishu Singh
EX2 Solutions