The term “Dark Knight” will normally remind you of the Batman movie. In a normal world, it is often used to describe someone who’s a silent guardian.

But, what if we apply this same concept to our business world? Who’ll be the “Dark Knight” then? It will be you, yes you!! and all your fellow HR Professionals who silently carry out their work to ensure that the business keeps blossoming.

Human Resource Management is such an important part of any business these days. But, does it get the recognition it deserves? NO. Are we doing enough to appreciate the efforts of HR Professionals? NO. Should we appreciate them more often? Absolutely YES.

The purpose of this campaign is to recognize the value that the Human Resource Department provides to any organization. The effectiveness of HR leaders on the organization is huge and it is often underrated, isn’t it? We appreciate the work our HR team does because we see them working hard day-in, day-out so that our organization functions smoothly.

Why this initiative?

Don’t you think HR departments don’t get the credit they deserve? All the hard work HR teams put in behind the scenes – from juggling between recruitment, spreadsheets, paperwork, compliance and payroll matters to grappling with people-problems – all of it is often sidelined in comparison to sales numbers, product releases and marketing glamours.

We strongly believe that HR leaders are like the unsung heroes of an organisation, who do (and can do) a lot more towards the growth of a company, not only from HR perspective but also from a strategic standpoint. Hence, we have taken this initiative, to identify, appreciate and showcase achievers in the HR sphere and list them amongst India’s Top 100 Emerging HR Leaders 2019.

How will we pick the best from the lot?

This is the toughest part of our search, and this is where we will need your support. Our shortlisting criteria will include (but not limited to) as below:

  • The employer branding of the company
  • Evaluation of company feedback and ratings on websites like Glassdoor and other social media networks
  • Recruitment campaigns, job postings, efforts in attracting desired candidates
  • Company career pages on their website
  • Recommendations on your profile (LinkedIn, or otherwise)
  • Friendly reference checks from industry colleagues
  • Personal career graph, experience, etc.
  • Any noticeable and noteworthy achievements that stand-out

Who is eligible to enter?

  • Only HR Professionals residing in India.
  • Anyone can submit a nomination for their HR leaders (eg. PR representatives, CEO, Employees)
NOTE: We do not expect any sponsorship or payments from your sideThis is a voluntary initiative and we are doing this only to encourage, recognise and appreciate the emerging HR professionals of India.

What’s in it for the finalists?

Those selected will be featured in the “India’s Top 100 Emerging HR Leaders 2019.” list of sumHR Company Blog and will also earn the industry-wide recognition that comes with this honour.

The inclusion of listing we will provide the benefits as mentioned below.

  • The email of your success will be shared with 1 lakh startups in India and worldwide
  • HR leaders profile & along with HR leaders picture, written by our editorial team
  • Inclusion of Brand name in the listing of Top companies with Best HRM system.
  • Certificate of excellence from sumHR.
  • A token of appreciation gift from the sumHR team
  • Featuring the top 100 individual profiles on all our social media platforms
  • 10 days free trial of our HR software
  • I believe it would be a great opportunity to be a part of the list. We take the honour in saying that our blogs have been rated in the top list categories from time to time.

How do I nominate myself/someone I know?

A little about sumHR

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If you have any questions regarding this initiative or about sumHR, please write back to me. I’m keen to talk to you. 🙂