Mumbai Coworking Spaces for Entrepreneurs ft. in OfficeChai

OfficeChai, the leading business website, featured Mumbai Coworking Spaces as a pretty coworking place in Mumbai for young entrepreneurs. While we’ve had a lot of now-famous startups launch in our office like CouponDunia, Flatchat, Pressplay, Practo, and many more, we’re always looking to have new startups and entrepreneurs at our office.

OfficeChai believes our affordable prices, easily accessible location, and beautiful interior makes Mumbai Coworking Spaces the perfect place to work at. Our affordable prices and vibrant work atmosphere make it the perfect place for any budding entrepreneur.

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Here’s an excerpt from the article, “Coworking is an upcoming concept in India and is catching up pretty quickly. As a bootstrapped startup or freelancer, it’s very hard to find an affordable place to work and grow your business. Especially in a city like Mumbai where commercial real estate prices can be sky high, coworking spaces make a lot of sense. This is where Mumbai Coworking Spaces comes in. Conceptualised by HR startup SutraHR, it offers an affordable working space to startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc.
The space comes with ample amenities required to carry on work productively, and happily. They include coffee vending machines, water bottles, daily cleaning, writing boards, bean bags.”

We love how cheerful and uplifting our coworking space looks! The creative vibes it gives off is a plus point for someone looking out to expand their business. The state of the art workstations and ready- to-use office features give you the little push you need to motivate yourself.

Click here to see what OfficeChai had to say about Mumbai Coworking Spaces.

Loved the space? If you’re a startup, entrepreneur or freelancer looking for the perfect coworking space to help your business take off, call us at +91 922 221 4183 or drop us a mail at buzz{@] and let us help you out 🙂

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