30+ Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India Who’ve Made a Mark in the Startup Ecosystem


Top Women Entrepreneurs in IndiaAccording to online studies conducted earlier this year for rankings on the best places for female entrepreneurship, India went up on the list compared to its position in 2013! What’s more, India’s female entrepreneurship environment exposes statistics of improvement with respect to women finding opportunities to start ventures (60%), validation with respect to skills (52%) and do not feel the impending doom of failure for their startup (57%). On this happy note, we’ve compiled a list of top women entrepreneurs in India who have made a significant dent in the startup ecosystem.

Here’s your list of 30+ successful women entrepreneurs in India that have made a mark in the startup ecosystem:

Aditi Gupta women entrepreneur India1) ADITI GUPTA

Founder, Menstrupedia

She can’t enter the kitchen, the temple or her house even. She isn’t allowed to bake, come in contact with men and more often than not, she has no clue why she’s being ostracized and more importantly, what the hell is going on with her body. This is how menstruation is dealt with in most rural and certain urban areas in India… till Aditi Gupta could stand it no more. Having empathized with similar situations herself while growing up in Jharkhand, Aditi created a Hindi comic book with her now husband Tuhin Patel, illustrating and educating girls about menstruation. From here, Aditi and Tuhin’s venture has scaled to a whole website called Menstrupedia.com. Along with a comic book section to simplify menstruation for the reader, it has guides on hygiene, health and ways to be active during periods, plus – answers to frequently asked queries.

Anisha Singh women entrepreneurs, India2) ANISHA SINGH

Founder & CEO, Mydala.com

Anisha Singh kicked off her career on Capitol Hill working with the Clinton administration aiding women entrepreneurs raise funding for innovative women led businesses. Her resume then boasts of her working at Centra Software, Boston before coming back to India and starting Kinis (Software) Solutions, a provider of customized e-learning solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Then in 2009 she founded Mydala.com, India’s largest coupon provider. Having dealt with her share of ups and downs, Anisha has successfully powered through with her founding team still intact and company at the top of its game even today. Anisha holds a Masters degree in political communication, as well as an MBA in Information Systems from American University in Washington DC.

Think we missed out on a few inspiring women in the entrepreneurial circle? Let us know in the comments section.

Note: Women entrepreneurs have been arranged in alphabetical order. The list does not indicate any rank system or hierarchy.

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  • Dhawal Shah

    Rachana Salvi @ Kshitij Jewels !! One “Wo”man Army…one of the most successful fashion jewelry startups in the online space!

  • Romika

    Neha Sood. Co-founder http://www.babycouture.in
    One stop shop for exquisite kids party wear.

  • Suvonil Chatterjee

    Someone who definitely needs to be on this list: Prukalpa Sankar, co-founder at socialcops.org, a technology social enterprise that harnesses citizen voice as a powerful resource and builds synergystic, connected communities. The Social Cops model of creating data-driven impact has won it various global accolades including the World Youth Summit Award and the Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition. She gave a brilliant TEDx talk at IIM Shillong sometime back.

  • Raj Purohot

    Ms. Charnita Arora Wellbeing Coach & Founder of Perfect Life Spot

  • AN

    Another inspirational woman emtrepreneur who should feature on the list should be Dr. Florida Tilton, Founder Chairperson and Managing Director, Biozone Research Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai. Her unparalleled vsion and passion has got her company R&D unit a recognition from the Govt. of India!

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