Jay Thaker’s Open Letter To Startup Employees Featured on YourStory.in

Startup Employees YourStory.in is perhaps one of the biggest news outlets dedicated to covering startups and budding businesses in India. Eagerly followed by entrepreneurs, founders, and startup employees, it has become a platform for many new businesses. The folks at YS were kind enough to feature a guest post from Jay Thaker, sumHR’s cofounder, which is an open letter from an entrepreneur to not only employees in startups but also to individuals who are keen to jumpstart their careers in startups.

Here is an excerpt from the YourStory.in post:

“If it does, then you know how it feels to ‘be in love with your work’. But if you feel that it’s not really a heart break that you experience, but may be a little sadness for a few minutes, or may be a little disappointed (competitively), that’s it – then you’re probably not in love with what you do. You’re simply working for something else, not love – may be money, may be friends, maybe you’re waiting for that “next big” opportunity, or worse, waiting for the next jump in your salary. Ask yourself honestly, and see what the answer is.”

You can read the entire post, titled Startup Heart Breaks: An Open Letter to Startup Employees, on YourStory. Please feel free to share your views and thoughts about the same in the comments section below.

PS: If you want to know who’s Jay Thaker, click here.

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