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We want you to be stress free when it comes to payroll management, that's why we'll tackle the tax calculations, the salary structure complications and any variety of remunerations (that almost rhymes, no?) on your behalf. Our goal is simple - rid you of payroll worries, and bring you payroll peace of mind.
Features for a smooth life
Multi-company payroll management

A unique and rare facility that most other payroll software don't provide you with - the option to run payroll for multiple companies. Yes, one account and as many companies, run payroll smoothly and independently.

Flexible payroll calculation methods

Payroll management is all about variations and each company looks at it differently. Whether you go the CTC (Cost to Company) way, or prefer Gross Pay uploads, or even a "Proration Upload" - no matter what's your methodology, we've got your back.

Customizable payroll components

If, in the rare case, you don't find the exact salary component you're looking for (highly unlikely, but still) then you can always custom-create your own salary components and configure them as formula based or fixed values.

Unlimited configurable salary structures

A power that every payroll manager dreams of - the ability to create their own salary structures, and no limit on the number of structures they can create. Configure every aspect of the salary and design structures exactly like you require.

Automate or customize PF calculations

EPFO has already defined certain norms for companies to follow when including PF (provident fund) contributions in their payroll, but you can choose to either go with the norms or customize your PF contributions on employee and employer side.

TDS calculations, automated

Throw out the calculators and no need to keep spreadsheet templates for income tax calculations. Sit back and relax as we take care of your payroll TDS (tax deducted at source) calculations on-the-fly, instantly.

Huge library of payroll components

Large library of readymady payroll components and allowances, gathered over years of payroll experience across industries. This list will ensure you don't make any compromises on your Salary Structures. You name it, we've got it.

Journal Voucher naming

Using our Journal Voucher (JV) naming and component labeling options, you can easily keep track of your wage bill for every cost-center and ensure accuracy of accounts with regards to the payroll transactions (debit/credit entries).

Multiple pay-cycle configurations

Create unique pay-cycles for every use-case in your company, choose if you'd like go Month-on-Month or follow a Custom cycle. Not just that, also define work days, exclude weekly off, exclude holidays and exclude optional holidays too!

Auto-generate PF challans

Our payroll systems will auto-generate monthly PF Challans (Provident Fund) on your behalf. It will also provide you with PF Reconciliation, Annual PF Reports, etc. You no longer have to remember or create any Challans yourself!

Download payslips in bulk

Going old-fashioned with 'print payslips' ideas or simply obsessed with keeping back-ups of your payslips? In either case, you can easily download all payslips every month, in bulk. One click, one zipped folder, all your payslips packed in.

Generate Form 16B

Help employees stay tax compliant and file their tax returns on time. Quickly provide an accurate and complete Form 16, as and when they need it. This document serves as the basis for the income tax liability calculations.

Essential features
Business Unit payroll permissions

Create Business Unit specific payroll cycles and even create business unit specific payroll administrators (dedicated payroll managers). You get to choose permissions that allow controlled access to business critical data inside your account.

Payroll component categories

When selecting components to prepare your salary structures, you can configure them as Income, Employee deductions or employer deductions, either as CTC or Non-CTC type, or even set them as Gross components, a variety that covers every need.

Quick actions for missing information

While running payroll, it can be irritating to update missing information. That's why we let you carry out quick actions like update bank-details, assign salary structures and even regularize attendance, right in the middle of payroll.

Round off final salary payments

Why complicate small problems when we can offer simple solutions! Automate rounding-off decisions for final salary payable without having to bat an eyelid over it. Choose to go up to two decimal places, or round up or down to nearest integer.

ESIC calculations and configurations

ESIC specifies minimum contributions for employees with salary under a certain bracket. If you have such staff then we will ensure you stay compliant. Of course, you can even choose to customize these contributions as per your payroll policies.

State-wise Tax calculations

If you've got offices in multiple states, don't worry about PT compliances. Our systems automatically include relevant Professional Tax for each employee, based on their office locations. Go expand, don't worry about PT liabilities.

Control tax deduction

You get superpowers to override govt. defined income-tax calculations (temporarily, of course). Feel free to customize the tax amounts, irrespective of the actual tax deductions, not just individually but in bulk also!

VPF (Voluntary Provident Fund)

If employee(s) request for it, you can include extra PF contributions on their behalf. These PF contributions go over and above what’s already defined in their salary structure. You can set the values by formula or even a fixed amount.

Form 12B for previous employment

Employees can provide info related to payroll and income tax with previous employment within the same fiscal year via Form 12B. This will help you generate a single, consolidated Form 16 B to provide to your emloyee, for tax filing purposes.

Configurable payslip designs

Include a signature in your payslips and add an more value to your employee's payroll experience. Every salary slip generated will be appended with your required signature image, enhancing the payslip with an extra layer of authenticity.

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