Indian Holidays 2014 List


In an attempt to help out HR personnel assigned with the task of making an annual list of holidays in India, we bring to you this collated list of all the holidays in India for the year 2014. Unless mentioned in brackets, all other holidays are to be considered as public holidays in India for 2014.

After compiling the entire list of Indian holidays for the year 2014, these are some of the statistics that we found out:
I hope this list proves to be resourceful for all HR personnel. For better and systematic monitoring of all your holidays and attendance hardships, do give sumHR a try!

Namrata is the marketing and content specialist at sumHR. Currently pursuing her MBA, she has a knack for writing with a tinge of humor. Part of her day is spent thinking what to write, and the rest of it, wondering what on earth has she written! (the end results are quite surprising though).

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